Saturday, March 6, 2010

Glen Echo Park

Glen Echo Park is a magical place situated on the edge of DC, in Maryland.  Once an amusement park, now it houses art classes, dance competitions, childrens puppet shows, acting and theater classes, glass-works studios, calligraphy, and more artistically fun things.   All of the old buildings are refurbished and available for rent.

I love the feeling from this space.  It says casual, yet fun;  unique, yet not too out there. The Bumper Car Pavilion nicely accommodates our 200ish-person guest list.  Taken straight from Glen Echo's site, here are the spec's:

"The Bumper Car Pavilion was built in 1923 during the amusement park era of Glen Echo Park. This versatile facility offers great views of the Park and is a unique setting for small to medium-sized wedding receptions, bar/bat mitzvahs, and corporate events. The Bumper Car Pavilion is available to rent throughout the year, but as the Pavilion is neither heated nor air conditioned, peak rental times are from April through June and September through October.
  • The Pavilion can hold up to 200 people for a dinner and a dance and up to 350 for a standing reception.
  • Stage with sound system
  • Adjustable clear plastic side curtains"
Also worthy of note, because Glen Echo is a National Park, you cannot have hard liquor.  Yes, you heard right.  Only beer, wine, and champagne permitted in this fine venue.  We have dreams of great Sangria served in lieu of dirty martinis, but shots.  I asked for ways around this, but alas, no hard liquor.
On the plus side, Glen Echo runs CHEAP!  We're talking $2,500 for the whole day, including ceremony.  However on the down-side, we need shuttles to allow our friends to really enjoy themselves -- so at  the end of the night they do not drive home on the little one-lane road.
At that rental price, shuttles are affordable.
Time to do some math, but not before a ride on the carousel.

Some of you might know of my dad's affinity for carousel horses.  He spent his summers at Rocky Glen Amusement Park near Scranton, PA, painting the horses to prepare for the fall season.  My grandpa ran the 'Guess Your Weight' game, and the antique scale still resides in our family garage.
Vintage amusement parks have a special place in my heart.

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