Friday, March 5, 2010

The Great Venue Search, Charlie Brown

Except no cute, bald-headed, awkwardly dancing cartoon characters...
(unless you count my dad... just kidding, Daddy!)

We are planning on having The Big Day here in DC.  After living here for 5 years, we now call our nation's capital our new home.  Plus, our close friends are here and family will travel anywhere.

The hardest thing about planning a wedding in DC will be not intimately knowing the area.  You could ask me where to go for great jazz music, the best dive bar, the wine-bar with the most ambiance, the most favorable place to catch a cab, the newest bar in Adams Morgan, the restaurant with the hottest waiters, the pub with the least-smelly bathrooms, or really anything involving food and/or alcohol and BAM, I would have an answer.  But where to get married?  Alls I gots is: The White House.  And I have a feeling no amount of money would get our party in that door.

I am, however, blessed to have Allison Jackson (Owner/Creator/Goddess of Pineapple Productions) as one of my Roommoms and parent of a student in my class (obvi).  How lucky am I?  Allison has not only come through with answers to several random questions (ie: What is considered the "normal" size for a guest list?) but also a list of 10+ quality venues for our wedding.  Thank G-D!

And so it begins.  I look at the websites, write down the info, groan over prices, mull over what they include (and who knew you had to pay for table cloths? *Ahem* Linens), and commit my next 4 to 6 Saturdays looking at empty dance halls as if they were mine.

We will start our virtual tour, commencing next post, with the lovely Glen Echo Park.
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