Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Off topic....

But still on the topic of weddings (just not venue-centric)

You might know I teach the future of America, in our nation's capital.  Well, DCPS posted their 2010-2011 school calendar today. While not an official posting, they seek feedback for this beta schedule. My feedback is this: WHY did you NOT put SPRING BREAK in MARCH 2011?  Every time someone asks for my wedding date I say some round-about answer detailing how DCPS has not published a calendar but we are aiming for March 2011.  Then, of-course, DCPS comes out saying LATE APRIL 2011.  Not even early April... late.

I read this date change while my students were in class*.  "What's wrong Ms. W?" one student prods.  "Oh nothing [nameless student]. I just can't get married when I want to."  I reply.   "Why not?  Why not just do it?"  At this point the rest of the present students chime in, "Sometimes you just hafta do it when you want to, like at recess."  I'll ignore the recess part of this, because I simply did not want to understand that part - but rather go with the obvious... to paraphrase the inspirational quote of the 26th prez**: these cards dealt to me are horrible, I'm making lemonade.  (We were playing Uno.)

All in all, now that DCPS announced the next school year calendar, did it solidify a wedding date for me? NO -it confused me even more.  Let's just hope we WIN this contest and our lives become simpler.

*I know I should not check these things while students are in my presence, however in an after-school enrichment class, things are different...slightly.

**"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." -- Theodore Roosevelt


  1. Any reason for a spring wedding? Think outside the box and so some soul searching. I think when it's right, you'll know. :)

  2. Hi Vicki! Great blog! I was wondering about the late Spring Break when I had a flash of insight - a quick google search confirmed. Easter is really late in 2011 and actually falls on April 24th... during DCPS's proposed Spring Break. I wonder if that was part of the motivation??

  3. I totally understand where you guys are coming from, wanting to get married during spring break. Obviously, it makes alot of sense. Call me a romantic honey, but I think you and Mike should just go with your guts and decide what the full picture will be. Do you want to do it in March, as originally thought, and then postpone your honeymoon a month or two, or do you want to wait until the end of April or possibly into May? Listen to your heart and your instincts, and the rest will fall into place. I know, it seems like I am quoting a Hallmark card, but it is truly what I feel. I guess as I get older, I am looking at the full picture. Whatever time you and Mike decide on, it will be THE BEST TIME TO GET MARRIED FOR YOU GUYS!! I love you!!


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