Thursday, April 22, 2010

A few of my favs

I saw a friend do this recently (who actually saw another blogger-friend do this), and so I thought I would share a few of my favorite things with ya'll:

1. martinis
2. hats
3. yoga
4. water
5. candles
6. cleaning, or being clean
7. paperclips!
8. mint chocolate anything
9. baking

So what are your favs?

{photo credits: it's all me, baby}
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  1. Love the pics. Mel's cameo in the yoga shot is great.

  2. LOVE the new blog!!! All the waiting was worth it, it is beautiful!

  3. LOVE the photos. LOVE the new look of the blog! My favs would be handbags, texting, kitties (Jersey specifically of course, but you know I can't resist a squishy kitty), perfume,... oh that reminds me of something I was going to tell you to do: Go buy a new perfume or scent, and whenever you do wedding-planning things, wear it. And many years from now, whenever you smell that scent, you'll be reminded of this awesome planning time. I'm a fan of scent/memory association and do it for our vacations. It works. :) - xoxo!


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