Saturday, April 24, 2010


So, notice anything *ahem* totally new and different?  Special thanks to Shanice at Simplee Stated Designs for creating, designing, and executing my new-do! I totally love it and really appreciate her patience in dealing with my lack of direction alongside my pickiness.
Did I mention her cost is totally reasonable?  Plus, she's a mom with a cute kid, and  who doesn't want to support a hard-working mommy?!
She's the best and comes highly recommended!
So now go take a look at your blog and think about how jealous you are of me and my fabulous, customed designed blog!
Then travel over to Simplee Stated Design's Etsy store and sign up for one of her packages.
Friends, have I ever lead you astray?

That's right, only when I'm drunk and babbling in Spanish.
Soy sobrio y honesto.
Now go, and tell everyone you know too!
Thank you Shanice!!!!
(PS:  The makeover is almost complete, we still need to add a few more things, but you get the main idea of what it will look like!)


  1. looks great! Do you have a button? I'm making the big move over to WordPress pretty soon and I'll be adding a blogroll.

  2. LOVE it. It's beyond awesome and I love seeing you personalize this just as you do everything else!

  3. Looks cool, Vicki, but right now you've got light grey text on a white background which is super hard to read. Just my two cents.


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