Friday, April 30, 2010

Interweb Famous, sorta.

Duuuuude - check it out!

That would be the screen shot of Mike's proposal, featured on!

Oh, you want to see it and read it too?

Go to TheKnot's Community Page.
Scroll down to "Featured Knotties"
And voila! There's our purdy pictures and proposal story to click on!

So maybe I wrote it up and submitted it.  They didn't hear it on CNN or MSNBC, or in the Washington Post like some other folks, but ya know, we can't all be that cool.

I think Mike should get credit for the story, though. *wink*


  1. oh jeez, i started to tear up reading that story again! i just love it!

  2. Awww I love it!!! TheKnot is a big deal dude! Congrats!! (And way to go Mike for proposing in a way that would even GET this much publicity! jeez!)

  3. SO cute! When I was planning our wedding, I was on The Knot ALL THE TIME!!!


  4. Thanks for the comment-love, ladies! :)

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