Thursday, April 29, 2010

Something Blue

I love shoes.  You can have a "fat day" and still find shoes that you 1) don't mind trying on, 2) look good on you, and 3) make you feel skinny(er).  Spending money  Dropping significant bones on shoes is not as heart wrenching as, say, paying a car repair or catching up on the plastic bills.  In fact, buying expensive shoes gives me a rush because I know I will love, cherish, and strut those babies while they enhance me, overall.

And so we have the first candidates for my feet to don at the wedding.
They will be my "something blue" and I'm rather thrilled about this!  Let's just hope they don't turn my feet blue for lack of circulation.

Here are the lovely ladies now:
(The Crocs are an every-day choice that slipped into the massive shoe order.  So comfortable and light - love them, already!)

I went out on a limb and purchased a bit of everything and tried to incorporate different tones/hues.  (I think it's pretty obvious I like peep-toe shoes)
The Nina's are back-ordered in "china blue" so I had to order them in "mint satin" to get a feel for them.  If chosen as my final selection, they would most-def worn in a light, yet striking, blue.

So, whadduya think?!?!?
Which ones are your favs?


  1. Oh, Vicki. The Seychelles peep toes at the top are INCREDIBLE! And very vintage chic! I can visualize you in these shoes on a carousel at Glen Echo! Gorgeous!

  2. Oh I LOVE shoes. :)

    I really love the Seychelles, but my favorite are the RSVP. I'm kind of a sucker for wedding shoes looking like wedding shoes. How much are they? Because honestly you could probably find a shoe that looks exactly like that and get it dyed for cheaper!

  3. Where are the blue flip flops? Those would get my vote. Oh, or blue Chucks! Or blue sneakers! So any unexplored options :)

  4. Hey Vicki! Love the look of the blog, it's my first time getting to 'know' it. ;-) Personally I would rock the Seychelles with everything, including a wedding dress. The only question I had about them, which would change my mind slightly, is if gold accents compliment the wedding colors, or your jewelry. I figure the shoes are mostly worn and not seen, but they are going to be seen, I would want most things to compliment each other. Just writing about them for so long makes me want to get a pair...ooooh....trouble!

  5. Thanks Ladies! I think I love the Seychelles the best too, but the RSVP are the most blend-in-able (I'm sure there's a word that works there). However, I was walking out of the RSVP's last night. I might need an ankle strap to keep me in my shoes!

  6. LOOOVE the Seychelles!!! STUNNING! Would they go with the dress...? And are you do with gold jewelry? LOVVVE them!

  7. the seychelles and the ninas are my top two. so pretty. (stopping by from sits)

  8. I love that brides are now wearing colorful shoes with their gowns! The rsvp pumps look the most bridal to me, though the Seychelles are real show-stoppers.

    (stopping by from SITS)

  9. I am a fan of anything that looks retro so I love the Nina shoes. I also love what Seychelles does but unfortunately they aren't vegan friendly. Bummer.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. I love the RSVP'S but if they are not holding your foot, I would go with the Nina's. They seem very "bridal friendly". Another option would be to have one pair to wear to the chuppah and then when you are ready to party, have on another pair that will hold your foot, ala the Nina. There is always a good excuse, or reason, to purchase more than one pair of shoes!! Happy shoe shopping!!

  11. Soooo it looks like the Nina's are the winner! With them on, the dress needs no hemming at all, and their bow matches one on the dress. I just need to exchange them for the "china blue" color, available in June (according to the company).

    Thanks for all the great input!


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