Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lesson Learned

A couple days ago I wrote a post detailing my mad-skills for procrastination.  Realizing the need to buckle down and do my taxes, I blogged to waste a little more time before plugging in numbers to see how much of my money to send to the IRS.
In short, I knew this year the IRS was not sending me a happy little (or even big) refund check.  I invest in my dad's company and any earnings from this investment go back into the LLC for future gains.  Apparently STE did pretty well, because the IRS got me for a pretty penny.
At any rate, I filed my taxes and signed over the money owed.  At least my credit card earns me incentives.  And the IRS just earned me a lot of points!
This love Sunday morning, I woke up, made breakfast, and sat down in front of the computer with a cup of coffee.  Opening my gmail account I saw two lovely emails that almost caused said coffee to end up all over the place.  They were each entitled:  "IRS REJECTS E-FILED TAXES."      Great.  Just great.
I had my hesitations about filing taxes myself.  Every year we trust our taxes to some guy who does a great job at a not-great price.  There are no emails from him saying "try again, you loser."
I realized I clicked on a button for a $250 tax credit from the IRS, which I did not indeed receive, and the IRS knows this.  I went back online to fix this problem and refile, except now I need to gain re-authorization for my CC.  After chatting with some unhelpful person not in the US, I realize by  myself all I need to do is re-enter my CC info.  But I entered the info for the CC with the lower limit.  It bounced back again.  Realizing this mistake, I enter the CC info for the card with a higher limit and click "e-file."
This message pops up:  "We're sorry but you already filed 5 times with this software.  You are over the limit.  Please download again or call blah blah blah."
Their offices are not open on Sundays.
I am only half done with report cards (due tomorrow).
My house is A MESS.
The dog needs a brushing.
We need to buy groceries.
We're meeting up with Mike's dad for bday dinner.

If only I had started filing sooner, I would not be rushing to fix a mistake 3 business days before taxes are due.

Procrastination 5, Vicki 0.


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