Wednesday, May 5, 2010

6 years together?!

Today, on Cinco de Mayo, Mike and I celebrate 6 years of being a couple.  I find it hard to believe that 6 years ago we first started dating.  It honestly does not seem that long!

To honor our anniversary, I will share with you the (short) story of how Mike and Vicki came to be, and how Cinco de Mayo isn't really our anniversary.

So waayyy back at FSU, I joined a co-ed service "fraternity" called Alpha Phi Omega.  I met a lot of friends there, but not Mike.  We did community service together and it seems like everyone dated each other, among our "families."  It was socialization at its finest.  I met a very good friend through APO, Adam Emling.  Adam died tragically almost 3 years ago.  I digress...Adam was one of my roommates at 1300A Rumba Lane.  That townhouse had a faulty foundation and sat on a 3 degree tilt with awful landlords that tried to keep our security deposit for no good reason.  Amazing, fun times were had at 1300A.
I find myself lost in nostalgia right now.  Maybe this won't be the short version of Mike/Vicki.

So my roommate Adam had a good friend from back home, who we'll call Guy.  I kinda messed up Guy's life for a little while, and for that I feel very badly and will honor his anonymity.  Love makes you do crazy things.
I met Guy through Adam, and Guy and I started dating.
(Congrats if you're still with me, it gets better.)
Guy said to me one day, something along the lines of, "I've got this friend, Mike, who is in Central America right now, and I know you two would get along."
Yeah, he didn't know just how well we'd get along.

After a few of us moved out of 1300A (the good times were just too much for me!), Guy and Eddie (a groomsman) moved in.  I met Mike as "the guy on the couch" at 1300A.  Mike observed Shabbat on Friday nights, so he was limited to how he got around and did not spend any money.  On Friday nights you could count on fro-y-haired Mike to crash on the couch, and I could count on stellar conversations late through the night. (Even though I didn't live at 1300A anymore, I found myself there all the time.  I wonder if that house is still standing?!)

So here's where I start looking like a total sleaze-bag and a serial-monogamist.  But hey, at least I'm being honest and owning up to my decisions.
I broke it off with Guy because I started having feelings for this Mike guy.
This all happened some time around the end of spring semester.
Mike and I started dating, but promised each other it was nothing serious, as I had dabbled in my share of guys during that year (again, sleaze at my finest), and was leaving Tallahassee in the fall to start my internship in Orlando.

Once Mike and I realized we were in-it-to-win-it, we also realized we had NO idea when we first started dating.  None, aside from the end of spring semester '04.
So we picked a date around that time that we knew would always have good drink specials, so we can go out and celebrate!
And thus, Cinco de Mayo is our anniversary, for the couple who had no idea what was to happen 6 years later.

Now, to plan a wedding!
(And Happy Anniversary to my love, Mike!)
 Mike and Vicki, 5/2004


  1. I think we all experimented a little bit, Miss Vic ;) Don't feel so sad. This is how we learned to be the amazing women we are today. But now I must demand pictures of the 'fro of which you speak :D

  2. I'm still hung up on the hair. Who is this woman with Victoria's face and long flowing tresses? I don't buy it. Photoshopped. ;)

    Anyway, happy anniversary, you crazy kids!

    (P.S. Look how freakin' young you look! Hahaha!)

  3. oh my god. I LOVE IT!!! And I was *there!* God those were fun times,... Mike parking on the other side of my parking lot,... you being completely starry-eyed with how awesome the conversation and everything else was with Mike off the bat,... our trip to the beach condo,... you telling me how you guys "came out" in Vegas to everyone else.. ahhh... GREAT memories. Nice date. I thought it had been longer than Cinco De Mayo!

  4. Like how you self-selected your anniversary. Congrats!

  5. @Lucky.Girl -- good times, eh?

    @Joy -- crazy picture, eh?

    @ Ronnica -- thanks! (no 'eh')


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