Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lovely Ladies & Gallant Gents

Who needs a wedding website when you can blog about it?  Well, eventually Mike and I will create a "wedsite" - like when we actually decide on a date and venue.

For now, continue reading on said blog  for detailed awesomeness of our plans, lack of plans, and the ladies & gents who will stand witness as Mike and I exchange vows.

Don't ask me what my bridesmaids will wear, because depending on the day you'll get a different answer.  I do know that I want it to be knee length -- none of this floor length, fancy-pants stuff.  I'm just not that type of gal.

I can tell you names of important people (aka bridesmaids/groomsmen) are: Kathryn (a longtime, family friend of Mike's turned girl friend of mine), Diana (coworker turned bestie and go-to-person who always saves my ass), Meagan (highschool bestie, a tried and true friend who always comes through) and my matron-of-honor is my siiiiiister, Marlo (love her!).  We musn't neglect to mention little miss Eleanor (niece), my flower girl!

Then men representin' are:  Rob Jay (he's a first name/last name person, a friend of Mike's from his stint in Israel, a true mensch, and a Brit to boot!), Eddie (FSU buddie/roommate extraordinaire and the brother I never wanted), Todd (a mutual bestie of the couple and a favorite person all around), and the best man will be Mike's bro, Danny (100% good guy, heart of gold, and truly a best man).

Photo Montage!!

For some odd reason, I have NO pictures of Meagan, which is a travesty.  This could be attributed to our limited once-a-year engagements (aka Christmas visits), which we spend the total time talking and catching up and forgetting to take pictures.  (side-note: It should be noted that Meg and I have matching cats.)

And Eddie, all pictures of you are crazy, funny, and wild - so I picked my favorite of the bunch.  Maybe I'll do a post dedicated to the  many faces of Eddie.

So there ya have it!  Those are the 'besties of the resties', can't wait to see ya'll dressed up!


  1. urg stupid page space limitations cutting people off... will fix later :) Love to all!

  2. Love it. Thanks for the kind words, i'll be the token Brit, but i'm really not that nice!

    Cant wait to party with you all x

  3. eleanor and i are the only ones with solo shots. nice!

  4. Dude please post more funny wild crazy pictures of Eddie. Those make me lol so hard. I STILL have one up on my bulletin board of hi with the mittens and the fur hat in the backseat of your car, drunk I believe?

    Otherwise - yay wedding party!!! :)

  5. Ali, you know I was drunk in that picture. It would be embarrassing if I wasn't!!


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