Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beau-Coup Giveaway from Manolo Brides!

Anyone who knows me well, understands that luck is on my side.  I have a knack for winning things, just not $100K ultimate wedding contests, but oh well, that was a fluke. 

In elementary school I won a $500 "shopping spree" to Toys R Us for a Letter to Santa contest.  My parents had an easy xmas that year.   A TV station displayed my name on the screen and I called in to win a remote-controlled car, which became a favorite toy. In middle school I won a trip to Space Camp by putting my name into a box in Target.   Amongst my various other winnings include: a giant Easter basket, a Barbie limo, and recently $100 worth of wine.

Now I want to win this Giveaway:
Manolo Brides' latest Giveaway is a $75 gift certificate to Beau-Comp favors.  Beau-Comp has the cutest, personalized wedding (and other various celebrations) favors ever.  Aside from the embossed, personalized napkins and the must-have matchboxes are some of the most unique favors out there.  One could do it up 'eco-friendly style' with their personalized, plantable seed cards, or even plaster your face on a personalized chocolate lollipop, if that's what you're into.

Manolo Brides blog is a wealth of information with tons of idea resources.

But don't knock my odds.  Let me go ahead and have this one, k?
We don't want to jinks fate, here.
Seventy-five dollars can get me a lot of napkins!


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