Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Featurette -- Happy Herbivore!

This amazing blogging woman comes to us from my days at FSU.  She's actually my "sister" as we are triplet-littles in APO (Alpha Phi Omega) and we share the exact same birthday!  And lemmie just give you this piece of info up front:  she's hot-stuff in the vegan world, like famous.

Lindsay is one of those people you meet and instantly like.  She tells it like it is, and is a true go-getter.  While she has her J.E.D. and passed the bar in about 5+ states, Lindz's heart is true to one thing right now:  baking/cooking/eating right and spreading the word through social media.

As a vegetarian myself, I know how challenging eating right within constraints can really be.  Lindsay is a vegan, which means she doesn't eat meat or animal bi-products (eggs, milk, butter, etc.)   I asked her "Why be vegan?" and here's what she said:
"Allow me to insert this video here:

More or less I was motivated for my health, the plight of farm animals and the environmental factors... but do watch the video! :-)"
Lindsay heads-up Happy Herbivore, an amazing site/blog dedicated to her own original, low fat, vegan recipes, that are super tasty.  No really - try making her black bean brownies: DELISH'!  HH's Black Bean Brownies are world-famous. They've been featured on hundred's of blogs. Lindsay goes on to say, "I'm really digging the butter bean cookies right now -- and some other ultra popular recipes are the carrot cake cupcakes (why are we all obsessed with desserts?) and the red lentil dal... oh but do make the chickpea tacos. They will change your life."
More questions about her awesomeness and site/blog can be answered on her FAQs page. 

Imagine my surprise when opening an issue of Vegetarian Times and scrolling through the table of contents to see none-other than my Lindsay featured!  She published a whole New Year's (vegan) brunch spread, with recipes and a mini-interview to boot!
Let's not forget about the Facebook group with over 1,000 "fans" clamoring to see her on the Ellen show.

Plus, she wrote 3 (well-priced) E-cookbooks and counting! 
And might I add she video-chats daily from her kitchen!!
I've even heard talk of Emeril...

Yeah, ladies and gents, this gal is pretty good at what she does AND healthy, too.  I'm proud to call her my "sister-in-vegetables" and "sister" even if it is only from Greek letters.

A few words from the lady herself:

Q: what is your favorite memory from college?
A: Meow. Oh, sorry. I forgot inside jokes aren't funny to other people. Hmm... you know I just sort of look back fondly on college as this time where I was surrounded by all these great friends and we had enough time to actually hang out. It was bliss.
Q: How have you changed since college?
Since college I've traveled to 40 states. No make that 41. and 20 countries. I was also a lawyer and then a chef. or wait I'll still a chef, but not a lawyer. I got married. I published a book. I had blue hair. as a lawyer. Never mind I really haven't changed at all.
Q: Did you ever imagine life to be as it is for you now?
Hell no -- but it's been a fun surprise. I used to think I was going to be this ball busting career woman lawyer - thingy. and I still think I look pretty hot in a suit, but I'm way happier being all domestic-like. Calling Martha.
Q: What is your favorite wine?
Stop judging me. I always had a pitcher of it in my fridge during law school. I am a drunk and my drink of choice is the mojito. Oh shit. right. inside jokes are not funny to outsiders. I will get this by the end!
Q: Favorite quote?
aut viam inveniam aut faciam
I'll either find a way or make one 

Now go make your way over to the Happy Herbivore and learn, bake, and be happy!
Her profiles: FacebookFlickrTwitterBlog RSSDelicious
Love you, Lindz!


  1. She sounds hilarious!

    I love your tagline. :)

    Thanks for visiting on my SITS day on Monday!


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