Thursday, May 13, 2010

Combinacion Surnames!

Friends commented on Facebook about yesterday's post, in which I mourn the loss of my current last-name, how there's a combo-trend.

Ya know, like making two last names into one?  Hilarious, yet striking.  It does not allow for lineage/legacy to continue, though - which is a huge letdown.  However the possibilities are humorous:

Wanalistamon.    -sounds Rastafarian!
Salista  -sounds Hispanic
Salamista -sounds like salami
Wanalamon -sounds like a designer shoe, or a watermelon disease

Laugh with me on these, and then post your created last name combos below in comments!
(don't make me look like a loser, go ahead and comment!)


  1. As a Traczletree I will bite. I am partial to Wanalamon-sounds Hawaiian and tropical.

  2. Personally I love the Wanalamon since it just sounds excellent. I did get a good laugh about all of them, thanks! I have no name to contribute, sorry.

  3. I'd note you wouldn't necessarily have to do first half + last half:

    I actually like a shortening of the first, "Saniel" (saw-knee-el), mostly because it sounds like one of the angelic names. But you should throw potential other names in front of it, "Ailish Saniel", "Miles Saniel", "Rivers Saniel" or "Patrick Saniel".

  4. Ok so we're just playing around here, making up new last names. However I love hearing new ones.

    Nate, stop naming our hypothetical children! :)

  5. *lol* Here are a few that I came up with for my maiden/married name:


    Thank you for stopping by my blog and making my SITS day so awesome!

  6. Dude I thought about it all day and I got nothin'! I do lean toward the one that sounds like it's Rastafarian tho,... :)

  7. I wanted to do this. Blackberg actually works as a last name. Marc wasn't having it. Go figure

  8. SO for the record, I was trying to be clever by writing "combination" in Spanish, since I feel like our combo last names SOUND Spanish.

    It's not a typo.
    I did it on purpose.
    But shoulda put "Surnames Combinaciones"
    oh well.


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