Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Design your OWN SHOES!

Say what?!
Yes, you can create, design, and make your own kicks over at NinaShoes.com.  These aren't just any sneakers. Oh no, these are some of the loveliest stilettos to date - and they can look however you want.
And I want them BLUE!  (For the wedding, and then for fun in life!!)

With a green bow and heel,
and paaaink soles!

Ok, I can ditch the pink soles,
and they are still stellar!

This style ain't so bad either.

Too bad they're $160 to DYO.
I guess at $85 my solid blue Electras (see top photo) make the cut.

Now to practice walking in them....


  1. DUUUDE! I looove "make your own" sites! There's a purse site like this, but the cuteness of the handbags is questionable. These are awesome!

  2. wow!! thanks for sharing the site!! I sooo soo love it!! @Luckygirl - whats the purse site??? Dropping by from SITS!


  3. So fun! I totally need to check this site out!

  4. How cool is that? I remember back when DYO sneakers were the thing - hey, I was in college and I wish I still had them - but this is better!


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