Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'm headed to a land with out internet for the weekend, and I'm a little scared.
I mean, what kind of people live with out internet connection?
Since joining the blogging community I've found myself GLUED to the computer when Mike's not home, and uh, when he is too.  Sorry, honey.

Our two friends are getting married (to each other!) and I'm super excited to scope out how they did their wedding, AND CELEBRATE, of course!

So if you need me, leave some comment love.
'Cuz I'll be on the beach in Florida,
in a quaint, family owned motel,
with private beach space,
and sand, sun, and surf.
(and shots?!)

Be jealous, oh yes.
I deserve this time away and it will be glorious.

In the mean-time:
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  1. Give Mark a hug from me! I totally get having to disconnect and completely recommend it. When we go to Jamaica we don't even have cell phones, much less TV or news or internet. Come back rested and with wedding ideas!!!

  2. I totally know what you mean about being glued to the computer after starting this blogging thing. I just went away with the husband for two days and I was legit going through withdrawal. Have a great time!


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