Monday, May 24, 2010

Beachy Wedding

This weekend was a BLAST!  I loved spending time with college friends, and celebrating the wedding of two of them!
However my camera is not happy.
More specifically, my memory card is corrupt.
You can look at the lovely pictures via the playback on the camera, but not upload them.
I am heading to the lovely mom-and-pop camera store that sold me the "gently used but totally safe" card to demand they get those pictures off that card and onto my computer, tomorrow.
Until then, here's my best how-to recap, in words, sans pictures:

How to Dress For a Beach Wedding:
-think COTTON and loose fitting fabrics
-DO NOT wear spanx, or promptly remove
-heels are excessive, flip-flops mandatory
-provide flip-flops for guests who think heels work in sand (and favor flip-flops there were!)
-allow your bridal party to wear linen
-allow your male guests to wear (nice) shorts with their button-downs (sleeves rolled up)
-provide LOTS OF WATER (and there was)
-remember to put on sunscreen, even if the ceremony is only 30 minutes (I didn't)

And now is when I wish I had pics to share of more details like the lounge furniture under cool-down areas, the flip-flop station, the small boat FILLED with beer, the beachy-inspiried center pieces, the chuppah decorated with shells, the runner accented with starfish, and general beauty of the entire day.
Alas, we're working on those pictures.

Until then, don't forget to sign up for my GiveAway of UnderGlass Jewelry!


  1. even without the pics it sounds really beautiful!
    stopping by from SITS

  2. Oh the spanx tip is the best!!!

  3. Yeah I learned this for the Jamaica wedding for real. Even in October we were all sticking to our beautiful outfits,... flip flop station sounds AWESOME! I'm dying to see photos of this wedding and Marc's smile!!!

  4. Sounds like everything was wonderful. I have even seen some beach weddings offer a sunscreen table right next to the flip flops.

  5. Thanks all, and I finally got the pictures off my camera - so check out today's post:


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