Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jenn and Brad's Gettysburg Wedding

Mike and I attended my colleague's wedding this past week, and as a good-wedding-blogger I took many pictures and mental notes.  (Mostly because Mike and I are really starting to think about details for our own, and because I very much enjoyed working with Jenn for the last 5 years!)

Jenn and Brad's ceremony beautifully captured their love for eachother and their own modern music choices personalized every moment.  Cornflower blue and silver accented the room, down to the sashes on the chairs.  The wedding and ceremony took place in the Historic Gettysburg Hotel, which stood as a bank for some time, too.  I mention this because their gift table happened to be in the old vault of the bank! Super cool touch.

To maximize good lighting and time spent with their photographer, we captured their sendoff before the reception, during the cocktail hour.  Mike demonstrates the bubbles used for this part of the celebration.

The bride wore a lovely column dress and carried a beautiful bouquet of peonies.  A braid  started on one side of her head wrapped around the nape of her neck and ended in a side-ponytail decorated with a flower.

Brad proposed to Jenn over a drink, specifically on a bottle of Yuengling.  (Afterall, they are from Pennslyvania and Yuengling is brewed there).  After white water rafting, he presented her with a bottle of beer, but instead of the traditional Yuengling label, Jenn's favorite picture of the couple asked of her "Will you marry me?"
Jenn used the same idea for her seating cards and favors.  Each guest found their name attached to a bottle of Yuengling (or rootbeer, if you're under 21) with the famed picture and the date of the wedding.  Additionally, Jenn and Brad tied on the guests names and table number with different color ribbons to signify your entree choice.

The bottles then graced our tables and became more decorations.  They complemented the tapper candle centerpiece nicely, surrounded by cornflower blue glass marble accents.

The cake looked and tasted amazing.  Each slice contained some chocolate and vanilla, and the light, fluffy icing was yummy too.  It reads "All you need is love."

The after party was probably my favorite part of the entire night because they brought in about 2 dozen pizzas and cases of water!!!
This much needed treat hit the spot after much dancing and celebrating.

A fun time was had by all -- Congrats Jenn and Brad!!


  1. This sounds like a great wedding fanciness and simplicity wrapped in one! Perfect. I love how she had her hair. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect!

    Jeeze. I hope my wedding can be as cool... someday...

  2. See,... the bottle thing is a great, original little idea. I dig!

  3. @Cassandra - well put! Fancy yet not overdone!

    @Ali - yes, it's true. It CAN be done! And Jenn used her personal touches to make it perfect!


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