Monday, June 28, 2010

Letter to Myself

Dear Younger, naive, impressionable Little Vicki,
As the youngest in the family you always seemed to get what you wanted, but were by no means spoiled.  By the same token, you were quiet and sincere - so hushed, in fact, that your parents put you in acting classes to help you feel comfortable in front of people. Something clicked because now you love attention and crave the chance to take the stage, and do so for 20+ students daily.

But more importantly, Slick (coordination wasn't your thing), when it came to weddings and Your Big Day, you had it figured out.  You wanted the big, poofy white dress and tiara.  You saw pink and blue accents everywhere.  You loved flowers and dancing.   In your mind, your prince charming would scoop you off your feet and carry you into your new home, after your honeymoon to Hawaii (because that's the farthest place away with pretty beaches that you knew).

Dear Teenage Vicki,
Oh hormonally imbalanced and drama queen, you set the stage for a more reserved wedding.  It was at this point in life you decided that lace and flowers sucked.  No filigree or flourish stood a chance at your wedding where you want to wear a sophisticated, column ivory gown.  Curse any PINK you came across, as it was your favorite four letter word to throw around.   Calm down, child -- you might think you know it all but just wait until you really hit the dating world.  Your demands challenged many men, scared many away and thank goodness for that.

Oh but Little Vicki and Teenage Vicki, your thoughts and desires did help to mold my dream wedding for the present.  Blue is still a favored color and pink still doesn't stand a chance.  There's NO WAY a fluffy, frilly, gown will grace my body, but a column won't accent what I want.  Hawaii's fun and all, but we're onto to other countries now, and since I already own a place I probably won't be carried through the doorway...but a girl can dream, can't she?  If anything I have my younger self to thank for that.

Your Older Wiser Self

PS:  Don't waste your time with that one guy. There are better things ahead I promise!


  1. I love that you incorporated this to include your wedding.

    It is so funny, I never really planned out my whole wedding as a kid. I never had thoughts of what I would want so when I went to plan it I had this clean slate and that was overwhelming. Luckily, I got the date I want and since I LOVE the fall, I just used the fall color palate to decorate :)

  2. Good morning...I'm visiting from SITS. I planned my rather ordinary wedding in a month. It really was never my dream to get married so I had no wedding plans to realize.

    I find it interesting now to run across posts which reveal the contrast between the weddings women imagined during their youth and the ones they prefer as adults. Thanks for the share!

  3. Love the's to the better things ahead!!

  4. Ah, I think I went through this exact same journey. So glad to see you blogging it :)

  5. Aww, I love this post! If only we knew then what we know now....

  6. I think it's pretty awesome to see the transformation you've gone through, but I'm like Joanna and Teresa - I never really thought of planning a wedding as a little girl. It's odd,... I mean, I always dreamed of a dress, but never a wedding.

    I'd like to see a letter to your FUTURE self to match this one. Maybe after the wedding? But then again, maybe that's too personal to really blog about out-loud. :)

    Either way, great post! I *may* get around to writing one of these myself... great writing inspiration! :)


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