Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As Mike Sees it (1)

I've begged asked Mike to guest blog (its about time) and help me out while I'm doing the family thing with my sister.  I have to say, when I read the title I worried.  But he's a part of this whole wedding thing too - so I might as well let him have a say on the blog!  (See if you can find my favorite part!) Stay tuned for possibly more in a new series I call "As Mike Sees It."
*note: Mike originally titled this post: "To get involved, or not......"


While Vicki is out doing the aunt thing in Austin, I've been holding down the fort at home in DC. So I guess it makes sense that an extension of that would be to make sure all is well here at Crowning Victoria and that there are fresh posts for you all to read. So now it's time for what you've all been waiting for: wedding planning from the groom's perspective.

From the beginning of this process I've said to Vicki (and anyone else who asked) that there are three aspects about the reception that I wanted to be involved in; choosing the venue, the music, and the food/drink.
My logic on this is twofold: I feel like those are the key ingredients to the party so I want to get my two sense in on them, and also that means I can stay out of Vicki's way for the rest of the stuff. It's not like I don't care about things like photographers, decorations, invitations, etc., it's just that I care a whole lot less than Vicki does. I have known from the beginning that this day is about her and really my job is to sign on the line, look good in a tux (mission accomplished), and say "I do" when the Rabbi pauses and looks at me. But it's been tricky trying to balance demonstrating that I am involved and willing to help if she wants/needs me to while at the same time making sure that she knows this is her show and she can have what she wants (within reason, I hope).

So now we've got a venue, we've got a band, and we're setting up tastings with caterers (most of them allow you to supply your own alcohol, so I've got that covered). I guess that means my role is now to negotiate the prices down as much as possible once Vicki settles on a vendor, help organize things like the guest list, and just try to be supportive whenever possible. And of course, get as many free tastings from catering companies as possible. For what these people charge I'm milking them for all I can get. But from here on out, I'm mostly along for the ride. Should be interesting......


  1. Just stopped over from SITS.

    You sound like a great kind of you to let her do things her way. I mean, we all know that the girl gets her way anyway, but at least you're being gentlemanly about it. Good luck with the wedding.

  2. Awwww Mike I freakin' miss you so much! First it's awesome that you would post, second I've kinda been dying to know how this has all been going from your end! I knew the music was important to you, and food/beverage makes sense too.

    But I lovelovelove how you're letting Vicks be Vicks and do what she does best! You're gonna die when you see what all she's managed to pull off on "the big day!"

    *LOVE*! - Ali

  3. Actually, there are no "I do"s in a Jewish wedding ceremony.

    Mike will be asked to repeat: "Harei at mikudeshet li b'taba-at zot k'dat Moshe v'Yisrael." (With this ring, you are sanctified unto me according to the law of Moses and Israel.)

    Vicki will be asked to do the feminine version:
    "Harei ata mikudesh li ..."

    Start practicing, guys!

  4. I love it when the groom chimes in :) I think Mr. Milk is interested in those exact areas too. The music is all him. While he patiently listens to me when I go on about flowers and such, he is far less interested than I.

  5. your favorite part

    "this is her show and she can have what she wants."

    I'm pretty sure you would have ended the sentence there.


  6. Yes Joey, FINALLY!

    Cousin Laurie, We'll start practicing - but I'm pretty sure I'll be so out of it on that day that I'll need the Rabbi to do a call and response!

    Choc Lover, I agree that it's wonderful when the groom participates (but not too much, right?)

    Ali, When are you visiting girl. Get your BUTT UP HERE.

    Thanks Allyson!

    AND Mike, keep up the good work and no fair getting too involved!

  7. I came back to check for the "Favorite part of the post" and TOTALLY knew what it was!

    The part I quoted for Vince was "I have known from the beginning that this day is about her and really my job is to sign on the line, look good in a tux (mission accomplished), and say "I do" when the Rabbi pauses and looks at me."

    He nodded appropriately at "sign on the line" and chuckled at "mission accomplished." :)


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