Monday, July 5, 2010

My Sister's Name is Hope

{source} Inspired by Emily Dickinson

Well no, my sister's name is actually Marlo - like the famed Marlo Thomas.  And it's fitting because my sister is famous, at least to me.

Looking back on my life, when I think of a source of hope and inspiration my sister comes to mind.  Without a doubt my sister, who is eight years older than me, definitely pulled me through many a tough time. Times when I felt like all was lost, or nothing was going right, or boys confused me, or I questioned myself, these are all moments when my sister shined a light - a ray of hope - for me to see.

Take the time when I was 14 (or so?) and dealing with my period.  [This is not graphic, keep reading].  Tampons confused the heck outta me.  After 30-plus minutes in the bathroom I came out intimidated, scared, overwhelmed and just plain hormonal, and broke down in tears.  Marlo saw my pain, empathized with my frustration and pulled me into her closet with a bunch of tampons.  [again, not graphic, keep going]  She calmly told me that tampons were silly and nothing to fear.  Then I watched her literally fling one out of the package into the air.  She handed me a bunch and proceeded to rip open more packaging and shoot them like torpedoes around us.  Before long we were laughing, and laughing so hard tears streamed down my face.  My sister managed to calm my fears, soothe my worries, and make me cry again - but in a good way.  I felt hopeful about being a woman.

Another time I emailed her with my worries about dating and boys.  She wrote back what ended up being my maid-of-honor speech at her wedding.  "Tell boys they're smart and funny and repeat things they say."  I swear this advice only works on high school boys, but none the less she managed to build up my confidence and help me to see my self worth.  And it made a hilarious, yet heartfelt, speech, by the way.

Now here I am in Texas, miles away from my DC home, watching my sister and brother-in-law successfully raise their two daughters and I think to myself, There's no way I could EVER do this.  As I hold my 4 day-old niece, Madelyne, I think,  There's no way I could EVER give birth to two - let alone one - babies!  I watch her meet the needs of my oldest niece, Eleanor, and am amazed how she soothes both little-ones.
I ask her how she does (raise a family, have a great job, own an awesome home, successful overall).  How does she feel? Isn't she worried about, uh, stuff? and life? and raising her baby girls and the world around them?
She told me she, "hopes for the best."

Sometimes that's all it takes is a little hope to get you a little farther.
Before you know it, you're there.
You just gotta fling tampons and give wacky advice.
And hope.

 My sister and I, with her two daughters ...sisters!


  1. Awww Vicks! I love this post!!! As someone who WAS the bigger sister, I can only hope and pray that my little sister loves me and appreciates my wacky advice this much! :)

    And she's got a great point, too. Because honestly all you can do is hope and persevere. When you have everything, when you have nothing, those are the things that should always be with you.

    Sooooo glad you made it out there and are helping. More niece pics! :)

  2. I have to tell you... I am the bigger sister and I hope that I've been that same person to my younger sisters.

    You are also AMAZING. I've said this before, but having my sister stay with me when Madison was brand new was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was depressed, hormonal, sleep deprived and when Clint back to work I was just an emotional nightmare. She saved me at a very dark time in new mommyhood. I can never repay her for that.

  3. That was a truly beautiful post; you're both very lucky. :O) xx

  4. I'm the older sister, and I know my sister tells all her friends how great I am all the time. I don't really deserve it, but it sure is flattering. Haha.

    Oh and congrats on the new niece!!


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