Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We have a band!

Ladies and gentlemen, we booked a band!
Looking back to the start of our wedding entertainment/music choosing adventure, I feel silly about the whole thing.  We are so particular.  Like almost Bridzilla-particular.

Band Requirements:
1) able to play more than one Hora ("Jewish Music")
2) able to play more than one Polka
3) knows Bridal Dollar Dance Polka (aka "Pani Mloda") post for another time to explain
4) familiar with contemporary and oldies
5) horn section
6) the band as a whole has to be fantastic (bold, underline and italicized)

Because of all these stipulations, I leaned towards a DJ. (plus they're cheaper)
However Mike cares more about this part of our wedding, so he's in charge of researching/finding/booking the musical selection.
I mean, I helped and all when consulted.  I left the details of this up to Mike.

Meet Time Machine, our 10-piece variety band with a 4 page, two column song list!

Here's how they match up against our requirements:
1) know a Hora Medly, 6 other Horas, and Jewish Wedding Ceremony music
2 & 3) know 6 Polkas, including the Bridal Dance
4) see 4 page song list!
5) horn section included!
6) "Time Machine creates a party atmosphere wherever they perform" (-from website)
Also, in our twenty (yes really, 20) emails back-and-forth we've experienced wonderful customer service.  AND (last thing I swear) they will learn any song! (with 6 weeks notice).
I just hope they know the electric slide. *wink*

Here's a little taste of Time Machine and their talent!

You can watch more videos (and get ready to party for our wedding) HERE.

Which favorite songs do you love to dance to at a wedding reception?


  1. Excellent! Sounds like you found a great fit!

  2. I know when I get married I will have a DJ. It's just the way I've envisioned it, and I'll never let my future husband talk me into a band. Nooo way. It's like... the most important part of the whole wedding to me.

    But since you don't mind, and they do have a pretty extensive list of things they can play... it sounds like a good deal, and customer service is veeeery important.
    So yay! one more thing scratched off the ol' wedding planning list.


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