Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dirty, Little Secret

I know a dirty secret that I'm about to share with you.  And oh, it makes me so mad.  Mad like nobody-does-this-to-Vicki-and-gets-away-with-it mad.  So I'm going to share it with you, and the internet, the world.  This is my redemption.

But first, some back story:
Remember back in the beginning of wedding planning when the location decision stood between Glen Echo National Park and The Carnegie Institution?  I love Glen Echo's whimsical feel, casual setting, and carefree ambiance.  I also love Carnegie's sophisticated style, up-front elegance, and gorgeous architecture.

To get a picture of the overall cost for Glen Echo I contacted a caterer who tried their best.  The caterer was the one to inform me we would need to rent a tent (an extra $750) since GE has no on-site kitchen.  GE finally told me about this, and that the carousel would run until 6p.  No muting it. Overall, too many details caused us to worry about Glen Echo and executing our perfect, special day.  It's a darn good thing we decided not to go with Glen Echo, because I found out something nasty about them.

Get this:
Glen Echo requires caterers to mark up their costs 10% to go back into Glen Echo's pocket.  They require you to put your catering contract in Glen Echo's hands, who then marks it up in price, and keeps the difference.  But Glen Echo never tell you this.
I have my sources.

How wrong!
As if brides and grooms don't have enough to spend money on for their wedding?!

So here we go, how many google searches can I cover?
Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo rental extra costs
Glen Echo secrets
Glen Echo mark up

Brides beware: Glen Echo doesn't tell you everything you need to know.
I hope your pockets are deep.

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  1. i love how you covered the google searches! awesome.

  2. Oh my gosh. That is ridiculous. Sheesh.

  3. Bastards!! Not cool...

  4. It's sad when people get so greedy.
    Visiting from SITS.

  5. May I recommend you change this URL to "2010/08/glen-echo-washington-dc-wedding-venue-price-secrets" - just for added SEO value?

    This is what blogging is for. You can also review them on Yelp. And given the info you have that others will seek, I highly recommend it.

  6. YIKES! That is why I'm so happy I was married in a small town where everyone knows everyone and therefore it's way too hard to pull anything over on someone.


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