Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer's End

Simply writing that title makes me want to sleep in an extra hour tomorrow.

I feel like a toddler about to throw a class A tantrum.
I. Don't. WANNA. go. back. to. school.

I love my summers off.  I work hard during the year and earned this break!

This summer, in particular, allowed me some of the best relaxation, celebration, and libations.  Best of all, Mike enjoyed the same time off.  Together we tackled this wedding planning and enjoyed each others' company.

-I welcomed my newest niece, spent the most time with my sister since she went off to college, and played with my eldest niece.

-I relaxed, drank too much beer, and then swore I'd ease up on the drinks.

-I planned a quarter of my wedding, took photography breaks, and blogged my heart out.

-I caught up with Meagan, shopped for bridesmaids dresses with my girls, and laughed to 'til I cried.

Looking back at my Summer Bucket List that I wrote at the beginning of summer, I did "alright."
From my list, I managed to:
-sit by the pool (albiet the baby pool, but it counts)
-hire a wedding band
-got a new cell phone
-helped with the arrival of my newest niece
-played with playdoh (with my cute, cute niece)
-met up with friends for drinks (more than once)
-went to the super, dog water park
-stayed in PJs all day
-photog'd the neighbor's babe
-finished not one, but 4 books (Ok, so what if it was the Twilight Saga?)
-went to not one, but 2 doc appts
-made No Pudge Fudge brownies

I'll neglect to mention what did not get done :)

As I go back to work, I compare this time to Santa Claus preparing for his Christmas rush.  A teacher in their classroom before the school year begins is a real sight to see.   I suspect that my blogging might take a hiatus at this time, because I will have little-to-no-time to even think about my wedding.
Soon I will welcome lovely guest bloggers sharing about their wedding mishaps.  There are some crazy, yet inspiring, things these women went through on their wedding day!
Thank you, ladies, for helping out a bloggy friend!  (This iwll begin the day the kids come back to the classrooms, Aug 23.  Teachers go back on the 16th. Monday. boo.)

Stupid last Friday of summer vacation.

{All photos taken by Yours Truly, Me}

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  1. Muwhahaha! I don't have to go back for another 20 days! I know, I'm one lucky bee-yatch.


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