Monday, August 2, 2010

GOogle for it!

Only 3 days left to enter my Green Nest All Purpose Green Cleaner Giveaway!

What a weekend!  I had a blast with my best friend, Meagan, in town!  We met up with my bridesmaids, Kathryn and Diana, for bridesmaids' dress shopping on Saturday.  I absolutely loved watching their excitement planning for my big day!

However, I will share more about that (and our other catering tasting!) in my next posts.
I'm exhausted from all the fun we had over the past few days.

And I need shoe assistance.
See, while I purchased lovely blue Nina shoes and do love them, I recently saw these:

Get Married Magazine displays brands of many different products they feature, but I cannot for the life of me find who makes these shoes.
And I want them.

They are from Get Married Magazine's summer 2010 issue, on page 71.  I looked at the magazine online, searched googled for peacock shoes (scary!), and honestly exhausted all my options.  The paper form of the magazine fails to list any information about the shoes!

Now I turn to you.
WHO makes these AWESOME shoes?!
And HOW can I have them on my feet when I get married?!

Bored today at work? google away...


  1. u should try to email the magazine and ask them :)

  2. I think i found them!!! You have great taste, vicki! They are Louboutins!

  3. Bah! YES!
    but for only $358, I might need to think on this one...

  4. I know they are not blue, but what about having them made?

  5. Oh my gosh. That is the worst. Finding shoes you love, then not knowing where to find them. Then finding them to find they're either out of stock, or too expensive. Sigh.

  6. Dude I'm sorry but if EVER there is an occasion to splurge and purchase Louboutins... um... your wedding is it.

    Having said that - Jayme rocks with the etsy find. With the exception of the signature red sole, I doubt anyone would ever be able to tell the difference. :)

  7. Oh and I don't know how legit this site is but it's much more affordable - leading me to believe bargains are to be had...


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