Friday, August 20, 2010

Something Blue 2

You might recall my previous search for Something Blue in which I purchased many pairs of blue shoes and decided on one. I picked the Nina pair, but at the time they were only available in mint green.  I waited 2 months for my china blue Nina Electra shoes to become available and pounced on them.  They are mine, all mine!
While they sit in the closet, neatly in the box, waiting for their unveiling, I found lovely, expensive, beautiful Louboutins.
Oh these Christian Louboutins are stunning.  Darn that bridal magazine for flashing them into my line of view, and into my heart!  I really, really, really want them - like I've never wanted shoes before.  I'm not a shoe girl either (I know ladies, pick your jaw up off the floor).  But for these stunning beauties my heart beats a little faster.  They're designer. I've never ever owned designer shoes before.  What better time to own Louboutins than for my wedding?!

However a good friend made a great point: who will see them? Honestly, aside from the photographer, I'm not sure who will see the shoes.  But I do think I might walk up to a few of my girl friends, slightly lift the hem of my gown and proclaim "LOOK!" while beaming with pride.

Then one of my Tweeps made another case: she bought $200 shoes for her special day and never wore them again.  They sit in their fancy-pants box, hanging out, not being worn.
Many brides even take off their 4" heels to dance, donning a much less expensive pair of wedge-flipflops in favor of comfort.

To make matters worse and the decision harder, the lovely Louboutins which normally retail at $500+ run a mere $157 on one site (thanks to Ali for that find!!!!).
I can totally see myself wearing them again.

I'm blue for my shoes. So what to do, internet?
My faithful bloggy followers, please tell me your vote.
(Oh and share YOUR something blue!)

{Nina's source}
{Louboutin's source}


  1. Buy the Louboutins.

    I have a policy about buying things outside of my budget. After carefully considering the pros & cons of such a purchase (which it seems you have done), I'll give myself several days (up to a week) to just think about it. If over the course of those several days I find my mind drifting back to how badly I want that item, how cute it would be with X, how good it would look on me (all of which you also seem to have already done), I BUY IT.

    Because... how much of a dummy would you feel like if you didn't buy those shoes, missed the special sale price, and then ended up spending $100+ anyway for some other pair of shoes (that you aren't as in love with!) for another occasion when you could have just been wearing those Louboutins instead, and had the joy of putting your wedding shoes on again?(hello! instant good mood!) A BIG ONE. Trust me. Clothes & shoes are too minor to regret.

    The wedding is an opportunity for you to make those designer purchases without feeling bad. If you can't do it for yourself now, when will you? There will never be another time like the present that you can justify this purchase and feel so good about it. (Besides, Louboutins at $157?! The female delegation might slap the ish out of you if you pass that up...)

    I know I'm enabling you. I don't care. Buy those shoes.

    And BTW, my something blue was lame... little bows on my toss garter, and the wrap on my bouquet. Definitely has nothing on Christian Louboutins. ;)

  2. Like I said the last time you asked: the Loubs are the way to go. ESPECIALLY at that price.

    Flog the other pair on Ebay!

  3. Joy is brilliant! Listen to her! :)

  4. I agree, go with Christian! He's never let me down and at $157, they're practically free!

  5. Oh girl. Red sole ALL THE WAY!!! I had to read this post aloud to Vince because of the wonderful way I was given credit for the $157 price. He said at that price to BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY - Buy low, sell high!

    Joy IS brilliant. I couldn't have put it better myself. I like what Ofthesea said about ebay'ing the other shoes. And Nar is right with the "at $157 they're practically free!" Love it!

    Now, will you wear them again? Oh hell yes you will.

    Will you attend another wedding where you'll have the opportunity to pair a simple dress with these statement shoes? Will you attend a holiday party in a fantastic, fancy location requires equally fantastic, fancy footwear? Will you see them in the closet and get inspired to prance around in them for Mike...?

    I think the answer is yes, my friend. Yes to the Louboutins.

    (And make sure that site is legit before giving CC info. You can never be too safe and that price is *almost* too good to be true)

  6. sad to say but louboutin's will not be that cheap...make sure you check that its not a knock off. unless u dont really care as long as u get the look even if its not a real "red sole" check out CL (christian louboutin's) site they have tons of links on knockoff site.

    good luck and u need to get into shoes ;)

  7. I LOVE THEM ALL!. My something blue was different. I will post my something blues this wednesday!

  8. I'm seeing red and you should be too. Here's my argument for spending the money. As you know I have am in the midst of 3 weddings in 3 weekends marathon. To manage this marathon my Mom has loaned me her Cole Haan black patent peep toe pumps. They feel like no other shoe I have ever felt before, and I AM a shoe girl. They're like putting your feet into butter. Best part, I've danced the night away in them. How can this be so? One word friend, Money. Designer shoes are designer for a reason. You pay big bucks for a perfectly fitting, run a marathon in them with ease shoes. And Alicia is right, if you've got killer shoes you'll find a reason to wear them again, even if it's just out for dinner with your husband (yay!). I wouldn't justify spending +++ money on "wedding shoes" that are clearly bride shoes because you'll never wear them again, but blue LBs... no justification needed.
    AND finally, at $157 - they're practically giving them away!
    Decision made... I'll assume you're hitting BUY right now after this series of VERY convincing arguments.

  9. Stopping by from SITS

    I can't believe you found Loubs for that price! I say buy them and wear them to every single wedding with a LBD. And thanks so much for the link because I must do some shopping now!

  10. All, I have very bad, very sad news: The Louboutins are a knock off. A friend researched the site and found the fine print that verifies they are NOT the real thing.

    If you're OK with fakes, then go for it. For now, I stick with the Ninas!

  11. That is the saddest news ever. I was so excited to see pictures of your little foot slipping out from underneath your dress in those CLs! Oh well! The Ninas are beautiful shoes & now, you can show some pretty leg in those shoes instead!!


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