Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Something Borrowed

So far we have:  Something Old, Something New....
I mentioned previously that my sis and I went through her wedding stuff and I stole borrowed some of it.
Ah ha! "Something Borrowed"

I've also mentioned my adversity to veils and the need to wear one for the Bedeken.
I found the perfect solution to my veil issue.

My sister's veil will be my "something borrowed."
And from what I remember, she MADE that awesome thing!

So I'll wear it for the Bedeken to cover and uncover my face.
Then I'll take it off for the ceremony! Poof!
Something Borrowed!

Oh, and since you can't see it in the collage so well, I will share this picture separately because I love it.

{All photos by Yours Truly, Me}

What was YOUR "Something Borrowed"?


  1. O O O! Okay glad you blew up the photo with the ring because I was like "is that her RING?!" (who couldn't use more pics of your ring? no really, who?)

    This is a perfect "something borrowed." I can't believe you've already got it all figured out, but I dig that you're going through the whole tradition of it. :)

    Now - hair style options for this "something borrowed"....? Or will that just have to be a surprise?

  2. My purse was my something borrowed. & technically so was my petticoat. lol.

  3. You are so lucky to have a big sis to share these special traditions with! i hope my sister and i can do the same. XO

  4. I borrowed the necklace I wore from my sis-in-law.
    She let me keep it maybe I'll pass it on one day.


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