Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Something New

This one is boring.  My dress is my "something new."
Well of course it's new.
I mean, I guess it could be rented or even borrowed.  (And more power to those girls who go that route!)

But I think I want something ELSE new.
Ohhh, earings?
Or a necklace?
Or that peacock clutch I saw on Etsy...

I think I will start my Etsy prowl today.

Here little shiny thing... come to Vicki!

Anyone want to sponsor my wedding and supply my "something new"?
I'll write a review blog post for ya!

Or anyone have suggestions?
What was your "something new" ?

 {picture source}


  1. OMG go with the purse! That is BEAUTIFUL and so fun! As I am not a bride I have this question for you... do brides carry purses? Not that it matters, I think you should have that purse whether you use it on your wedding day or not. OH! Brilliant idea in my brain just this moment... you should carry that to your rehersal dinner. Carrying the theme. I need to leave and go spend some time on Etsy myself.

  2. Wow, that clutch is gorgeous! Etsy is a treasure trove of wedding finds!


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