Sunday, September 19, 2010

9 Months Away!

In 9 months we will not be having a baby, but rather a wedding!

There's not too much new to report, so this will sound a lot like the 10 month update.

Old News: we've secured our date, location, officiant, and band.
We have a block of hotel rooms at two different places.

Old News: I know my Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue.
New News: Sadly, on the Something Blue front, the Louboutin's I covet for $157 are knock-offs.  They really cost over $500, so I'm sticking with the Nina's, which are just as beautiful!

Current News: The caterer is still TBD, as we finally found more companies willing to work with-in our price range.  We're trying to set up more tastings (at least 2 more) and hopefully my only bridesmaid (aside from my sister) to not attend a tasting, Kathryn, will be able to join us for one!

The Save the Dates are about to be mailed out.
I stupidly decided to hand stamp decorations on the 125 inserts, and so the process is taking longer.
(Also, thankfully a stamp company AND an ink company both sent me products to review, meaning the materials to decorate the Save the Dates were free!  So expect a review and detailed "how to" post about that, coming up!)

My parents secured the Day After Breakfast location and contract.  I am so thankful they took this on, themselves!  One less thing for me to think about!

The famed wedding dress is finally out of our living room (I bought it off the rack in a sample sale) and out of Mike's range of vision, although it left a piece of itself behind!

Finally, We're working on:
-finishing the Save the Date inserts
-mailing out the STD's
-choosing a caterer
-picking a photographer (Oh, I need to blog about an interesting development here! Stay tuned!)

I'm sorta thinking about:
-flowers, still
-hair, still
-(hand painted) invites
-my 29th birthday, on Friday (24th -- email me for an address to send presents)
-work is taking over my life (what else is new?!)

What are YOU up to?!
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  1. Planning a wedding is WAY harder than planning for a baby and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Sounds like things are coming along--I SO wish I could plan another wedding for myself. To the same guy, duh.

  2. Oh man how exciting!!!!! Before you know it you are going be a married woman!!!!! Can't wait to welcome you to the club haha


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