Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Too Legit to Quit

A few weeks ago I realized that people not only read my blog, but take me seriously, too.
No really.  Stop laughing.
I have proof! 

It started with an email from D.I.Yva Designs {pronounced like "Diva", with a pun on the Do It Yourself}

Taken from their site, here's who they are:
D.I.Y.va Designs"D.I.Yva Designs was founded by Artist Sugar Bailey and Professional Planner Narine Hovnanian with the hopes of delivering the type of originality to our clients that they can only begin to imagine.  We help you D.I.Y---- (minus the part where you are alone.)"

Also from their site:
We have decided to cut out most of the middle men often associated with hiring a traditional planner. With everything created in-house, or purchased privately through our extensive network, our events tend to look tremendously expensive although they are not. 
Their services include: 
Full Planning/Day of Services for:
           -Corporate Events
           -Special Events
Custom Design Plans
Hand-Made and Personalized Favors
Hand-Painted or customized Invitations and Stationary
Hand Crafted Floral Arrangements
Custom Headpieces for Weddings/Bridal Showers
Original Portrait Paintings

Awesome, right?!
So I open my email to find a personal invitation (not a 'bot) requesting my attendance at their launch party.  I'm still not too sure exactly how they found me, but I believe it has something to do with Weddzilla.  But I decide to go because launch parties are fun

I begged brought along Kathryn, bridesmaid, and we set off for who-knows-what and found an awesome evening.

The ladies behind DIYva Designs, Sugar and Nar, handled every single detail, down to the little flags in the pineapple mojitos.  I need to emphasize here that they made all the yummy treats!  The entire room carried out a beautiful yellow and lime green summery-feel, with amber uplighting to complement.

 fortune cookies! yum!

We picked up our swag bags, had a few goodies to eat, and saddled up to the bar.   I finally mustered up the courage to introduce myself to Sugar.  The convo went something like this:

Me:  Hi.  I'm Vicki of Crowning Victoria, the blog.  I, er, got your invitation.  I'm so glad I came!

Sugar:  Hi Vicki! Oh, we're so glad you're here! We have a special present for you! 

Sugar then walks behind the bar, reaches into the cabinet to grab my gift.

Me, thinking I already picked up my swag bag:  Seriously? Cool!

Sugar, pulling out three handmade clutches:  Which one do you like best? Your choice!

Me, not realizing she anticipated my attendance, and eyes full of wonder on the handmade, etsy-wonderful item: Oh I love the earth-toned one.

I then babbled on about how much I appreciated it, practically drooled when complementing her handiwork, and just about needed Kathryn to intervene before I dropped some awkward comment.
Thankfully Sugar specializes in working with people and made a socially-appropriate exit.

But ladies and gentlemen, it just gets better.
Sugar and Nar took the stage to welcome all their guests.  While explaining the purpose of the company, to allow Do It Yourself brides the chance to plan with much-welcomed assistance from these awesome ladies, they lead into something that went like this:  "...and we have one of those local Do It Yourself brides here tonight.  She blogs about it and documents every step of the way!"

And guys? That's when it happened.
They introduced me, in a room full of people, as "Vicki of Crowning Victoria." 
I was kicking myself for not having any business cards!
However the moment was awesome.  I was recognized.
I was recognized as a REAL blogger and Do It Yourself Bride.

So, feeling pretty shabby, I decided this was a night to celebrate.
And pay for it the next day, I did.
But it was sublime.

Thanks, Sugar and Nar of DIYva Designs, for the recognition and love!!!! 
 Sugar and Nar

 Crown'd Vic and Nar

 Kathryn and Vicki celebrating!


  1. OMG, you are a superstar. Can you believe it? Awesome. Congrats on the recognition and I'm a little jel of your clutch...sweet.

  2. OMG and I KNOW you! Total celeb status!!!!!! I wish I had your skilllllz!

    And I am VERY jealous of your clutch!

  3. Look at you! Miss celebrity blogger! Maybe someday I'll get invited to a launch party for crazy people. ;)

  4. That is flippin awesome. Further proof that you're amazing and were meant to blog. YAY! :)

  5. What an incredibly fun night!! You really are a rockstar! XO

  6. Wow, so cool! And that clutch is gorgeous!

  7. That's awesome, and that clutch is too cute!
    Stopped by from SITS!

  8. Did I tell you that you ARE a star? lol. (I totally commented a long time ago and I don't see it here, btw.....strange.)

  9. Oh THATS it, I need to verify the words in the box. lol. I must have been moving fast.


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