Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I celebrate my 29th birthday!  
This is truly exciting, because after this year I plan on celebrating the anniversary of turning 29, for years to come.  Without going on about how icky I could potentially feel about being almost done with my 20's, I give you a very special birthday treat: a post written by my parents.

I asked dear Mom and Dad if they would contribute and within 6 hours their post came, ready to go!  I wish I inherited their readiness and punctuality.  As a side note, before you read, I only had the privilege of knowing one of my grandparents - my Grandma Anna.  I cherished my time with her and am proud to read what is below.
And so, here's what Betty and Marty (don't you just adore their names?) had to say about the baby of their family, me:

Vicki - From the View of her Parents:

We named her after her two grandmas Victoria and Anna.  In  our mind we hoped that she would do credit to her heritage and memory of her grandmas, who worked hard and had the great respect as ones who helped others.  You never know what your child will do, but hope to instill some values that will serve to help your child as well as help others.  values of a work ethic and assistance to others, like her grandmas.

Growing up she captured the attention of many folks.  To illustrate, many wanted her to watch their little ones before she was even out of grade school!  What a good sitter for all those children in our neighborhood.  She gearned her "baby sitter's certificate" at age 11 or 12, who knows exactly the age because it seemed like everyone wanted to have Vicki babysit with her games and planned activities.  We wondered who this little business person and educator was.

In her senior year of high school she was president of chorus and showed great leadership abilities.  She could sing.  But more so, she was a leader and knew how to take care of others; like grandmas do.

Then she wanted to be a teacher.  How proud she made her mom, who is a teacher at a local community college.  Graduation from college and then on to a second grade teaching assignment.  Again taking care of children.  Like Grandma.

Now the wedding bells are on their way.  Hopefully God will shine upon you and give you children of your own.  Then a few children for Vicki's children.  Vicki then as a grandma.

Love you, and we are proud of you because you are you. 
HAPPY birthday!
Mom & Dad
 Baby Vicki and Mom

pppppp ssss: don't forget my two birthday giveaways end tonight!


  1. awwww!!! I completely understand why this would be your favorite blog post. Hearing these things from your parents (not to mention having them written down for proof to others) is the most amazing feeling in the world.

    What a genuinely HAPPY birthday!! Wish I were there to throw down tonight, but consider me there in spirit!

    (And yes, your mom is, and has always been, "a total Betty" and Marty is equally fabulous :)

  2. I love Betty and Marty! This was a beautiful tribute...a most lovely birthday post and I got a little teary reading it.

    Just so you know, after a decade of doing the anniversary of '29', you end up doing the decade of '39'. Believe me, it grows on you. :P

    Happy, happy Birthday Vicki! Sending some frosting-coated wishes your way...

  3. Victoria that was such a lovely post. What a great idea and what a sweet post from your parents. I really hope you have an awesome birthday. Celebrate big.... you deserve it.


  4. Happy Birthday!

    I'm sure you'll get bored of 29 eventually - I, for one, am 33, and I've never been happier or felt better about myself!

    Embrace the candles!

  5. Maw! I love that your parents contributed - so awesome! Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy birthday! Hope your day is wonderful!

  7. awww, how sweet! Well said Mr. & Mrs. W!

  8. Sorry I'm a day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    I personally hate birthdays, because they never work out for me. Always kind of lame.


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