Monday, September 27, 2010

Winner, Winner & My Chicken Dinner

Thanks to everyone who entered the Simple Green and Jammie Girl giveaways!  These were my largest and most successful giveaways, to date! Thanks also for all the birthday love!

Enough exclamation points. Onto the winners:

For the Simple Green giveaway, the winner of 7 bottles of their Simple Green Naturals line is:

Laurie Murley!

For the Jammie Girl Store Pajama giveaway, the winner of a pair of Malabar Bay Jammies in Flamingo White is: 

Joanna of Raising Madison!

Winners have been notified via email and have 48 hours to reply.
Congrats, ladies!

Now the chicken dinner part of the title.
My 29th birthday marked the end of a different era for me - my time as a vegetarian.  I failed as a veggie, but I'm ok with this.

I wanted to eat as a vegetarian because of how I felt during a 2 week detox, 2 years ago. I realized how great your body feels when you eat many vegetables and less meat.  However, my stint as a vegetarian was not quite like my 2 weeks of detox.  Either out of laziness or ease of planning, I ended up eating more cheeses, dairy products, and carbohydrates.  My doctor constantly worried about my sources of protein, iron levels and cholesterol. I constantly pushed him off, telling him I would manage it better, but never did. 

Now as I prepare for the wedding, having gone to a dermatologist to treat my red-blochy skin (lovely, I know), I hear something similar from that doctor and my allergist.  Three doctors are urging me to eat a more well-rounded diet, instead of my carb/cheese and a side of veggie fest.

In fact, my allergist thinks my skin issues are directly related to food intolerance.  I'm back on the meat train.  (Those of you who really know me and my love of chicken wings know I was never really 100% OFF the meat train). 

However my allergist wants to do a true blood test, and so for 2  weeks I am on a hypoallergenic diet.  It's honestly not going to be that bad (I say this on day one), but the lack of coffee might kill me.

Wish me luck on my rice-based, chicken infused, still complete with veggies and fruit, but lacking tea and coffee madness of a diet.  In two to three weeks I'll find out if allergies are just as silly as being a vegetarian!


  1. Awww congrats to the girls! And dude,... food may influencing the face? Really....? Hmmm... *thinking about this*.... I need to explore this more.

    With that said, it's okay to fall off of vegetarianism. I've fallen off myself and choose instead to have a diet heavily "influenced by vegetarianism." :)

    If you have time, I want more deets on the face treatment and let us all know how the results of this new diet/no caffeine go!


  2. Happy Birthday! Oh food allergies. I have been down this road friend. Sounds like your "no allergen diet" is a lot more open than mine was - it's not bad it just requires a lot of planning. I've been thinking about going back to allergen-free/weekday vegetarianism and I was going to ask you actually how you do it while partnered with a meat eater. I don't want to cook two different meals each night! For now I'm trying veggie breakfast and lunch and seeing how that goes. Big plus of allergen free diet (especially when you're not allowed sugar) be prepared for none of your pants to fit - in the good direction. Also have you checked out Healthy Tipping Point? She has tons of awesome veggie recipes that are making me want to convert the other way.
    I don't think I could convert all the way (livign with the Boy, laziness, etc.) but I heard a TED Talk the other day on Weekday Vegetarianism that was pretty interesting - go to and search weekday vegetarianism and it should come up.
    Anyway - good luck with the allergen-free, can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Congrats to the winners!!!!!

    Good luck with the diet change.


    have a wonderful Monday!

  4. Hmm. your doctor is a moron.

    we need very little protein each day -- and excessive protein is VERY bad for the body. Even in places like Africa no one suffers from not getting enough protein bc its in everything, even bananas.

    Plus, the best sources for iron are in VEGETABLES and beans not meats... and cholesterol? meat is full of harmful cholesterol.

    Ack. I hate that Drs receive no proper nutrition classes...

    anyway, after years of special allergists, tests, elimination diets, my sister CURED her allergies by going vegan.

    You can read about it here:

  5. I have lasted about three days with my Vegan tries (three so far!). Good luck, my dear!

  6. *SPIT*

    That's me, cleaning with spit since I was soooo looking forward to a brand spanking new cleaning bonanza kit for the Gods, that I didn't buy any last time I went shopping. ;) Joking. *spit*

    Congrats to the lovelies that won the giveaways-


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