Monday, October 4, 2010

Always check first

My wedding band is ready for pick up! Simultaneously I received an email from our Rabbi who is officiating the wedding, with a detailed list of things to know, including this:

The first line mentions a "plain gold band" for a wedding ring.

So, oops on our part.
You might remember the ring I "commissioned" our jeweler to make, is not plain nor solid.
Mike's cousin, Laurie, who leads the Hill Havurah pretty much already told us this - but we already ordered the ring at that time. (Hi Laurie!)

So what to do?
Well, duh, just get another!
I looked online at a few sites and found a plain white gold 2mm ring for less than $75.
No, that does not mean I am getting rid of my envisioned ring.
Yes, instead, that means I will have 2 wedding rings:  one plain white gold, the other my sapphire and diamond beauty!  The plain one will be used under the Chuppah, the other will be a gift of sorts.

I guess I learned that you should always check first before making any big purchases, wedding related.
However, I always wanted a diamond/sapphire band, so I'm not sure my decision would change!

I will be featuring more of the Rabbi's list of wedding requirements in future posts (aka let's see if I can follow directions).

Have you made any decisions and then come to find out checking first would save you time and money?

{PS:  Our friends Erik and Deanna currently live overseas in Kazakhstan, where Erik works for the Foreign Service/US Gov't.  However, Deanna is already back in the states, anticipating are their little one's arrival on Oct 22, and Erik will be back shortly.  I'm writing all this because they told me my blog is blocked in Kazakhstan!  I wanted to give them a state-side welcome and best wishes on the arrival of their baby! Hi guys!}


  1. Hmmm plain gold and solid? Any specific reasons? What's the history and/or symbolism of this rule? Not that I'm questioning it's validity - I'm curious!

  2. I like the idea of two rings:) Have a wonderful day my dear

  3. I think the whole two ring this is kind of neat!!! Kind of like an added bonus

  4. I have two wedding bands. I grew up seeing my mom with two bands, but little did I know she lost her original one and then found it back after they had bought another. I just really wanted two after that and was lucky enough to have it :) The ring sounds beautiful!

  5. hey, my personal belief is there are no rules for rings and you do what you gotta do!

  6. Yikes, we'd be here all day if I were to list the things I shoulda checked on beforehand. :)

    I think that you are resourceful and no matter what the Rabbi throws at you, you'll make it work. So far, so good!


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