Thursday, September 30, 2010


We're getting married because we love each other, want to spend our lives together, blah blah blah.

But we're also in it for the presents.

Because honestly, we want desperately need certain things, like a rolling pin:

If you're having a hard time reading the caption on the picture, or identifying what in the world is happening, let me shed some light:
I recently used a can of aerosol hairspray (IN a gallon-sized ziploc bag) in place of a rolling pin to roll out pizza dough.

Oh yes, I totally did that.
And I'm proud of my resourceful skills.
But please, someone, buy us the rolling pin off our registry.
And while you're at it, feel free to provide us with anything for our kitchen.
I wonder how many times one can reuse the cottage cheese containers before the plastic seeps into your food...
Our substitutions are crafty, but might be legally deemed unsafe by the Board of Health.

(PS: a HUGE thanks to my sister and her family for gifting me a mandoline slicer so we can stop borrowing our neighbor's or mutilating veggies with our Ikea knives. woot.)


  1. Hahaha I love it! Great idea though...but ya someone needs to buy you that rolling pin!!

    Stopping by from SITS!

    Kristi from
    Creative Kristi

  2. HA HA HA so yeah we are looking forward to registry time (Matt is looking forward to the gun) but we need the stuff now and I keep BUYING the crap. We have a whole YEAR till the wedding. I've stopped and I think I'm being a good girl. Trying. It's hard. But I think I'm going to start being smart and resourceful like you! Bring on the hairspray!

    Love the writing!


  3. I used to use a can of Pam hahahaha. Good thinking!!

    stop by I am having a giveaway!

  4. Necessity is the mother of invention! ;)

  5. Oh my gosh. I couldn't WAIT to open our presents. I talked about them months before we even got married.

  6. Haha the presents are one of the best parts!

  7. Oh dude that's hysterical! I love your resourcefulness but yes, you need kitchen accessories. It will happen!!!!

  8. I've been married now for 7 years and have yet to get my rolling pin. I've been using glasses to roll out dough. I find them to be less toxic than hair spray which I might add is rather smart. I should just suck it up and buy myself a rolling pin.

  9. I have totally done something similar to roll out dough!! I love moments like that. Improvisation. Makes me feel crafty and smart.

  10. I am not kidding....I have done almost the same thing. I finally bought a rolling pin last year and my daughter ended up taking it with her when she got her own apartment.
    Back to heavy cans and an effort to not make anything that can't be patted out. :P

  11. I use our housemate's empty wine bottles! (labels removed) I've gotten a few looks when friends have come over, but they too like the ingenuity :)


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