Monday, November 15, 2010

The B List

Being honest with you, our venue can "only" hold 170 guests.
Our invite list has, well to be exact, 220 names on it.
And then we have a little something called "The B List."

It's exactly what you think:  It's our backup list, or even- people who didn't make the cut.

It's not that we don't care about B-listers enough to invite them. It's more like we know too many family members who supersede them in the invite-necessity category.  Tthe people on the B List are largely my friends who didn't make the cut. Which if I stop to think about it, is pretty crappy we don't even have enough space to invite my friends. The bride.  However, I'm going to avoid going bridezilla over this issues and enjoy the guests who are able to attend. Even though it is my/our day. Right.

So my fingers are crossed that perhaps, maybe, some guests who we are not as close to, regretfully decline and I can actually invite the people I work with and see everyday.

But for us to even make it to people on The B List would involve 50+ regrets, first.
A girl can hope, right?

Has anyone else had success with a B list?
 Today's post, brought to you by the letter B.
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  1. I bet there will be some people who cant make it and you will be able to invite your B list:) I totally love the name...hahah
    Have a great Monday,sweetie

  2. We totally have a B list! And a c list. And we are even being somewhat encouraging for some people not to come. We have the A list- people I'll be devastated if they dont' come. The B list for me is the people who in their invite I'm going to be promoting the web cast. and then when those people decline- out comes the C list :)

    The whole list thing has been very stressful indeed. Especially since I don't know really any of Matthew's family and it's hard for me to pass up my bff since kindergarten for a relative I've never heard of. but that's compromise for ya :)

  3. oh wow tough call. We had a smalli ntimate wedding so it was nto a huge issue for us. 101 guests were invited and about 98 showed up

    I hope it all works out for you! Fingers crossed <3

  4. We have a B list, but I don't think we're going to be able to invite any of them. we have 134 people on our A list, and we want to keep our wedding around 100. Yeah..our current "guesstimate" is that 115 will show up. It sucks, because many of the B-list people are also my friends. Ugh.

  5. I think the big thing should be inviting the people you LOVE over people you will probably not see until your funeral.

    I just made one list, and I am not expecting much anyways. Though we have about 100 on the list, we are guessing we will be lucky if 40 show up. This includes all my family, and both of our groups of friends. We have already gotten quite a few declines, but I was expecting that because we are living in Alaska, and everyone else is in Minnesota or Missouri with only a few of my friends living here along with my mother. I am still trying to get him to hound his mom more for his family list, though that won't be big either.

    Basically we are inviting everyone and expecting no one. Also, I expect it to rain on the day, and we are having an outside wedding. Call me crazy lol, but I try to think this way so it will be good if there is more/sun, and not disappointed if no one can make it. I have lived in this town for many many summers, and I remember one year where we had an average of 3 days of sun per month, so I know it will rain. (or so I am guessing)


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