Friday, November 12, 2010

Phone Consult with Steve Kemble!

When it comes to premiere, big-name, celebrity-status wedding planners, the first name that might come to mind is David Tutera (thanks to TLC).  But the name you will soon be hearing a lot, and need to learn now, is Steve Kemble.

Steve Kemble spotlights as the wedding planning guru of  (And according to the first page of his site, the "American's Sassiest Lifestyle Guru")  Notice my lovely blog award over thar (right sidebar) from Weddzilla? Well that is the same wedding planning site where Steve Kemble contributes his event planning knowledge.

You might recall back in March I attended the launch party for Weddzilla.  It was, as Steve Kemble says, "Fabulous!"  While there I participated in a silent auction to benefit Children's Hospital. I bid and won a 30-minute phone consultation with Steve Kemble!  The most I knew of him at that time was that he was wearing the shiniest blazer ever (who knew they made sequined tops like that for men) and that this Weddzilla thing thought he knew his stuff.

After our conversation it was more than apparent he knows a thing or five thousand about event planning, and planning it well (with "a dose of sass" like his blog would say).

We talked about so many things, but mainly focused on things that drive me crazy: my color scheme, bridesmaids dresses, the chuppah and lots of peacock feathers (which don't drive me crazy).

For the color scheme he suggested focusing on the colors in a peacock feather: teal, shades of blue, lime green, and purple.  The lime green scared me, but it definitely shows up and accents things nicely.  It offsets the focus color, teal.  The purple does the same, however he recommended a lighter purple, but not lilac.  Royal purple shows up and does not wash people out.  And I like it. I can totally see teal off set by a lighter (not deep) purple and accented with lime green.  How fun and summery! Fabulous!
I know you can see the colors coming together!

As for the bridesmaids, you all know how deciding what they are to wear drives me insane.  I simply cannot pick clothes for other people.  Steve agreed that cocktail or tea length dresses work well for summer.  He also highly suggested matching shoes since everyone will see their feet.  Nothing expensive though.  I can totally get on board with that idea (sorry ladies, I promise the dresses won't cost an arm and a leg!).  Steve suggested that a royal purple (not deep, not washed out) will look good on any skin tone.  It is also versatile and suggests an opportunity for additional wear.   Fabulous!
All the colors to give you a mental idea of the color scheme, but only purple for the girls.
And not necessarily that dress. Actually, not at all. 

He gave me great chuppah decoration ideas, too that incorporate hanging crystals! Gah! So beautiful (and fabulous).  Now how, or who, to make it?!

Before I wrap this post up, I'd like to thank everyone for their support yesterday.  Your comments meant a lot to me; it's good to know when things get rough I've got my bloggy friends to cheer me up! Mike might call you my "imaginary friends" but your words are real and meaningful!


  1. Hey ask Amory Griffen's dad Sean (Or get Ms. Palm to) about building a chuppah he does some great work and I bet he would do it for a teacher for sure. If not I could ask my dad if he has time to do it. Let me kno!!

  2. I love the peacock feather idea and the colour youe chose sounds really lovely. I totally agree about the dresses...Those are very pretty! Glad that everything is going well,sweetie
    Hugs and kisses

  3. Ok, I may be the minority but I LOVE that dress and I love it in all 3 colors. If I could do it all over again I'd have my bridesmaids in different colors.

  4. Great ideas. I lvoe the idea of hanging crystals.

    I have done a lot with them, I have accented my chandeliers, my curtains, and some table cloths with hanging crystals. They add glamour and sopphistication to everything!

  5. I love the peacock color theme! Very nice.

    Hey! We're not imaginary! I wasn't yesterday, so I know you are not necessarily referring to me, but...those people are real and really care about you! :)

    BTW, your definition for "crapopolis" was awesome. What a good word you got, right?

  6. I love those three colors together, great choice!!!

  7. Have you seen the link and pictures from my friend's daughter's wedding? very peacock themed and gorgeous!


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