Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Engagement Party Recap!

Whew! Is it just me or did the Holidays FLY by this year?
It could be because we had such a good time. 
We flew into Orlando last Thursday (which happened to also be my SITS featured blogger day - thanks for all the love!)  That very same night my parents hosted an engagement party for us.

It looked a little like this:
There was plenty of food, cake, and beverages flowing!

Mike's mom and his grandparents came, too.
We had lovely entertainment -- My dad broke out the accordion and even surprised us with a quartet of singers from my days singing in high school (totally like Glee, but not)!

It was amazing.  
We are so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends!

Stay tuned for the Holiday Recap post (filled with adorable squishy baby and matching pajama family pictures)!!!!!!!


  1. I don't think you stressed enough how flippin' CRAZY it was for there to be a quartet of amazing singers at the party. Walking into that was literally unbelievable. They were OUTSTANDING.

    (but the best part was still that I got to be in the presence of you and Mike. :)

  2. Oh yay! What an amazing party. I am so excited for you two! That was super sweet.

    And I just have to say that it is way cool to do family PJ photos ... like way way cool haha

  3. looked like a fabulous party!! mmm that cake looks good!!! happy engagement!!!!

  4. OH, my son is getting married and I"m prepping for a wedding shower now...ugg...so much work!

    Congrats to you. Love the sides on your blog.

  5. congrats! what a lovely party (especially the Glee like singers!:)) i'm sorry i missed your sits day but hope you enjoyed it. i have been awol from my blog as of late and blog reading..life was way to busy and something had to give..i miss it but am back! happy new year!


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