Monday, December 13, 2010

First Dress Fitting!

A couple Saturdays ago (hey, I've been busy, hold your horses) I went to my first wedding dress fitting.  My dress, Dylan (yes, she has a name), lived in Kathryn's closet for the span of a few months.  Remember, I purchased her at a Priscilla's of Boston sample sale?  So she needed a place to crash until our date was in normal alterations range.  Finally it came time to release her into the wild.  or something like that.

And honestly, my seamstress (whom my neighbor rec'd to me when she made her friend's gorgeous dress) said to come back in October.  Obviously October passed, and November too.  Why no rush to begin the process?

See I have this problem with my dress.  Now don't get me wrong, I love it.  But I made a mistake, a cardinal dress-trying mistake: I put on a dress whose price outweighed the allotted funds two-fold.  Bad bad bad, Vicki.  And of course just putting on the off-limits dress made me love it even more.  Because the pictures in the magazines show super-skinny models who need to eat a cheeseburger or five it really was necessary to put on said over-priced dress.  But how was I to know that it would look awesomely fantastic on me?  Le sigh.

Because I want the dress to be a total and utter surprise to Mike I cannot put up a picture of The Other Dress, as she will be called.  And honestly my wedding dress, Dylan, far from resembles The Other Dress.  Maybe that's why I like it so much?  At any rate, I keep falling back on my friends' advice: The Other Dress is too "now" - five years from now I'll question that choice, because it is SO out there.  Which is totally true.  But she's the one that got away, and I still think of her.

Enough of that crazy analogy.

My waistline lent itself to the other reason I dragged my feet on the fitting.  I tried to loose weight by eating better, but inevitably beer and cookies (separately) found their way into my diet.  Self control, I have not.

Then my allergist required a STUPID hypoallergenic diet which I won't even GO into because of how much I hated it.  But the silver lining? I lost 10lbs.  Holy stupid diet, Batman, I was 5lb away from my high school weight.  All good things come to an end, and after exiting the doctor mandated hell diet and returning to the world of eating real foods again, I gained about 4 of those 10 back.  Still, 6lbs down? I'll take it.
And it made going to the fitting even better.

Because with a sample dress you get what you get.  And I got a size 8.  A wedding dress size 8, which, if you ever tried on wedding dresses you know, is more like a size 2 than an 8.  Six pounds down meant Dylan had a little room to her.  Ladies, you know the feeling of satisfaction when you squeeze into your skinny jeans?  That's exactly how I felt when my seamstress pulled about an inch of fabric in the back.  Saaaa-weeet!

I go back in Jan, Feb, and March for additional fittings.  The seamstress asked if I plan to change my body image much.  Um, you mean like get really fat? because no, that's not happening. I restrict my gluten intake for allergy reasons, and reduce sugar noming for love-handle reasons.  (Note: beer is out, wine is moderation!) If anything I hope to tone.

Apparently she's going out of town (like Afghanistan out of town) in May and wants all projects finished "just in-case."  I like this "just in-case" attitude but when she comes back I want another fitting at least 2 weeks before the big day.

And so, just like that, I'm back to being on good terms with Dylan.  She's in good hands, as am I.

Now to hide the mint M&M's and candy-cane oreos from myself.
(seriously holiday goodies, how do you expect a bride-to-be to cope?!)

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  1. I find it funny that you named your dress. Great post and I hope you keep the weight off for your big day!

  2. Hhahah you are so funnny....and I love that your dress has a name:)
    Happy Monday, darling

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful home decor GIVEAWAY later today, just in time for Christmas!

  3. See Vic some good did come out of that hellacious diet!

  4. you are tpp funny.

    I am so haoppy to hear the fitting went well. I am dying to see the dress!!!!!

  5. i guess i shouldn't send u holiday cookies then me the pic of Dylan! i wanna see!

  6. That's awesome news!!!! I always love a little extra fabric myself!

  7. I'm glad you are on good terms with your dress. I love my dress. But the day I went to pick a dress, they didn't have the one I wanted in my size. With scheduling and timing, I couldn't go back another day. So I picked the only one (out of FOUR in the store that fit me!) that looked good on me. It took me a while to LOVE my dress. I still have that feeling in the bottom of my stomach that I would have loved the other one more. Oh well.

  8. Oh man, I'm having to diet right now. Some friends and I are planning a marathon boudoir shoot and I need to drop some pounds!

    I LOVE that you named your dress, hehe.


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