Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Homeshare -- Hanukkah!

When Nicci tweeted the idea to link up and share our holiday home decorations (#holidayhomeshare) I jumped on it.  So maybe Hanukkah isn't one of the major Jewish holidays, but I love decorating for it.  I mean, all the other kids are doing it, albeit in green and red, so why not me too? Plus with my Catholic upbringing I honestly cannot totally ignore the festivities.  So I bring out the blue, silver, and white and "get lit" for the 8 nights.

Without further rambling, here's the extent of our decorations in our 700 square foot condo:

Mike and I each light our own menorah.  His has three little clay rabbiot on them.  One day they are going to come to life and put on a clay-mation Hanukkah movie.  Mike's menorah hails from days of his youth.  My menorah makes it's 2nd debut this year, as a very good friend gifted it to me in honor of my conversion to Judaism on Dec 9, 2009.  Yesterday marked my Jew-versary!

We scattered more menorahs (technically menorote) around the house.  Look! There's one next to my mid-sized Scentsy warmer.  Also there's garland hanging from one of our "living room" lights.  Also? The kitchen table is decorated with a table-cloth and runner from Target.  Love Target.

Even the dog, Nora, gets in on the celebration.  We never buy her "clothes" but something about this sweater (from Target) screamed practical and cute (or a good excuse to buy it).  She's sitting near our electric menorah, which I love for it's tacky yet useful quality!

Happy Holidays to all! I hope you are surrounded by those you love. 
Best wishes for 2011!


  1. You are TOO freakin cute!!! We usually do the house up as well - because we're on the corner we feel an obligation to the families around us to go all out with lights outside - but we decided to skip it this year due to cruise timing.

    With that said - I have SO many decorations and none of them are out and now I wanna #holidahomeshare! *POUT*!

    Love the doggie sweater btw. The kitties each have one as well because they get extra clingy in the cold weather. Lexi loves hers (blue with a penguin) and rocks it. Jersey lays on the ground and stares at the wall in hers (red with a tree) until we finally stop laughing and take it off of her... :)

  2. Very cool! Sometimes I wish I was Jewish because I LOVE the blue colors :)

    Oh, and happy Jew-versary!

  3. What breed(s) of dog is Nora? My dog, Belle, looks almost identical and her. Her mom was a a Wheaton terrier but we have no clue what else she is. It has been a mystery.

    Love the sweater, btw!


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