Monday, December 6, 2010

Wedding Flower Power!

This past week was capital L, Long.

On Monday I scheduled to meet with our potential florist, to discuss details. However at 9am that morning, I already knew our afternoon appointment was close to impossible.  Luckily he rescheduled, easily, for Friday.

And then I had all week to fret over flowers.
What color?
What kind?
What's in season?
Will my color scheme play out the way I want?
Are there flowers that support this color scheme?
Do they even make/grow teal flowers?!

Friday came around and I arrived at Edge Floral Designers with printed out photos in hand.  Steve kindly talked me through the whole process, showed me many different flowers in stock, shared many pictures of created events with me, and assured me my color scheme was not only gorgeous, but flower-able.

[Enter HUGE sigh of relief]

I have to say, while I do care about flowers I don't know much about them.  I was hoping that anemone flowers, peonies, and these weird swirly ferns might be available in June.

It will be too warm in June for anemone flowers.

And peonies are not in season in June, but can be purchased for a pretty penny.

However, my fun swirly ferns are called:
Fiddlehead Ferns!
They are available year 'round!

We talked a lot about the cost effective quality of Calla Lilies, but I honestly don't love them.  While looking through some picture examples I found an exception: Picasso Calla Lilies.

I love that they have purple insides, but white outsides! 

We also talked about renting a chuppah from from them, what it would look like, and how to arrange it.  And of course, we talked about everyone else who will be adorned with flowers, aside from moi.  

So I'm not sure what flowers my bouquet will have, but I do know that I already trust this man and his vision.  He made me feel comfortable with his knowledge and experience, in creating my vision.  He also knows we are working in a budget, and respects that.  
In a few days we should have a proposal that will dictate exactly what he can provide for us, in our price point.  And I'm totally not worried about a thing!
How great is that?

What flowers do you love, or did you have at your wedding?
{check out my next post for more flower fun!}


  1. Sound like you found a great florist:) I am so happy for you, darling
    Glad that everything is wokring out
    Hugs and kisses

  2. I was simple simple simple. White roses with slight red accent. Your ideas sound like they are going to be a lot of fun!

  3. Awesome that you found someone you can trust! Flowers and decorations are our next hurdle but I have to wait to go back down to Tampa. Getting sooo antsy!

  4. Stopping in from SITS. Those Picasso calla lilies are to die for!! GORGEOUS. and the ferns are super cute for fillers. Looks like you will have a beautiful bouquet!

  5. I was so disappointed at my wedding because I really wanted tulips, but being in Florida, it is just too hot for them. I settled for roses and they turned out beautiful, but I really wanted tulips.

  6. GOOD luck with this.

    I picked Kale...yeah I know its a veggie but it can be so pretty when it blooms, is avail year round and isn't testy. Google it. Kale is some of the PRETTIEST wedding flowers I have ever seen.

    MINE however looked like cabbage....
    My Ethiopian husband thought maybe it had meaning.

    I told all the US guests it was an Ethiopian tradition & I laughed.

    I could have cared less when they showed up that way. I was just so excited to be marrying my sweetie!

    you can see what I am talking about here

    Good luck! I loved planning my wedding


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