Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Best Resolution

New Year's Resolutions can really bite you in the butt. 
You start off the year all happy and gung-ho to really do something better.  My favorite resolutions are the "eat healthier" or "loose weight" ones, because, like the attendance in my yoga studio in January, you resolve to really follow through.  Then, similar to that attendance rate, March comes along (if you're lucky) and "just one glass of wine" turns into the normal routine.  Old habits die hard.

The best resolutions are ones that easily come without trying, like "breathing more regularly" (so long as your healthy lungs comply) or even "read more" (hopefully you set aside time, or count reading my blog and dietary information on the back of the sale-holiday candy boxes towards that goal).

But really, when it comes to making a decision to change, radical thoughts seem to lead to huge expectations which ultimately lead to failure. (too harsh?)  I advise you to go ahead and do something you already planned to do, just on New Year's Day, instead of say, March or November.  Can't wait? Then call it a delayed New Year's Resolution.
Trust me, it adds an awesome feeling to it.

Two years ago today Mike and I made the best resolution, ever.  Weighty statement?
Here's proof that choice continues to make us happy:

On January 1, 2009, we went to the Humane Society of Washington DC and signed the paperwork, giving sweet Eleanor Rigby her forever home.
Nora, as we call her, suffered from abuse through neglect.  She was an Animal Control confiscation case.  Someone called the hot line, reported seeing a dog malnourished, and the owners handed over the dog without even taking the 30 day challenge to improve this dog's life.  Full grown and about 2 years old, she weighed thirty pounds when she first arrived at the shelter and thirty-five pounds when we took her home.  Now? She healthily weights fifty-five pounds, and resolves not to eat too many biscuit bones.

But luckily, this unfortunate time in Nora's life brought her into ours.
And lucky for us, it happened on New Year's Day, two years ago.

I resolve not to make a New Year's Resolution this year.  I want to keep doing what I'm doing happily, and continue to improve my quality of life, by improving Nora's quality of life.

Happy New Year, all! May your resolutions be sound and firm, or nonexistent.
Either way, may you be happy as our dog!

Disclaimer: this post was in no way sponsored by the Humane Society, or Sarah Mclachlan.  Just a friendly reminder to do what you're doing without putting unnecessary pressure on  yourself.  Unless of course you need to loose weight for health reasons. Happy New Year!


  1. Yay Nora! You're our favorite furry neighbor!*

    *Don't tell Penny or Melon Ball I said that.

  2. Thats one of the best resolutions I've heard off!

  3. I cried. Dang it. Awwww Nora! You lucky and loved doggie!


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