Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bridesmaid's Dresses - a Decision!

For some reason I firmly straddled the line between caring too much and not caring enough about my bridesmaids' dresses.

In my crazy head, it went something like this:
-I want them to be able to wear the dress again.
-I want the dress to suit their different body types and needs.
-I want my sister (Maid of Honor) to not feel like the dress is too cutesy.
-I want my friends to feel like the dress is cute/stylish.

with a side of:
-I really don't care what the dress looks like because I'm not the one who has to wear it.
-There's no way to meet everyone's needs.
-If I'm not wearing it how can I choose it?
-They won't like anything I pick.
-I have no idea what color.

You can easily see how this became a dilemma, and thus something I avoided.

Then I found the designer Alfred Sung, in the Dessy Group.  I liked all his designs and options.  There was one particular dress that Diana fell in love with, and in turn Kathryn, too.  But of course they were different dresses.  Then it dawned on me: all my girls are different, why not have them all wear a different dress by the same designer, in the same color?
It was almost too easy.

Requirements: must be by Alfred Sung, in the Peau de Soie fabric, color: majestic (aka dark purple), & cocktail length.

And so I bring you the possibilities of bridesmaids' dresses you might see at my wedding (sorry the pics are so small):

Finally, piece of mind for me!

What did your bridesmaids' dresses look like?
or What was the best dress you wore as a bridesmaid?


  1. Here's our bridesmaid dresses:

  2. oooh so many cute dresses to choose from!!

    It 's funny you posted this, my post today was about finding bridesmaisd dresses for my cousins wedding!

  3. Cute dresses!!

    I fall firmly into the "Buy what you like in black, just send me a picture first for veto rights" category. My poor matron of honor (my only attendant in the wedding) gave birth to her 4th child exactly 6 months before our big day, so I REALLY want her to feel comfortable and not like she's squeezed into a dress she hates. And it relieves me from the shopping duties! :-)

  4. So now I kind of hate you because they are soooo cute! I had a decision (note I said had) but I seriously love them!!!!!! Ahhh

    And I agree that they should not have to wear the same dress.. My groomsmen are diff. from the dads and stuff!


  5. I'm going that way myself! I've already decided bright pink, cocktail length and I'm leaning towards chiffon for fabric. Then they can choose their own dress. My girls come in all shapes and sizes so I think this is the best way for everyone to feel comfortable and still look really nice.

  6. OH and FYI I just noticed your little ticker at the bottom of your blog! Looks like your wedding is the day after mine! :) Yay!

  7. Those are AWESOME, the color is absolutely my favorite, and there are so many styles to choose from! David T. would approve!!!! I also love that us loyal blog followers will be surprised! :)

    (side note: I'm going outlet shopping with Codalina this weekend and plan to hit the perfume store hard. expect an update!)

  8. You already know I love the idea. I finally threw my hands up & told my girls to get a black satin dress. Whatever black satin dress. Went so much better than cruising around town looking for them as a group & trying to meet everyone halfway.

    I am IN LOVE with the 2 ruffle collar dresses! What a gorgeous line. It'll be absolutely beautiful on your girls. Can't wait to see what Sister M chooses!!

  9. After the vomit disaster I'm so happy you picked such a gorgeous color! Also the choosing your best cut is the best way to go!!

  10. I told my BMs that I just wanted their dresses to be black and tea length. They DID NOT need to wear the same dress. But in the end... they all fell in love with the same dress! Kind of bizarre.

  11. it's always hard trying to please everyone when planning your wedding!! so i say do what you like and want~! dessy does have some great dresses in tons of different colors!! i got my bridesmaids dresses for my girls at j.crew when they were running a sale (i.e. winter = now!) they were a light pink chiffon material and perfect for spring!! :) good luck!

  12. I discovered these dresses for my girls too! They are even more beautiful in person. They are wearing Mosaic in the dupioni fabric. 7 girls - 7 different styles.

    There are a couple of different 'families' of dresses within your'll be able to see it when you go look at them. Might help you to narrow down your selection.

    Majestic is an awesome color. Italian plum is gorgeous too...

    Best of luck! I just made my decision yesterday! It's a huge load off my mind!!
    Oh, and congratulations!


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