Monday, January 10, 2011

The Great Videographer Debate

This is pretty simple:

We didn't budget for a videographer and they are not cheap, so that means we don't get one, right?


So many of our friends strongly recommended having one to remember the day, but to also remember those near and dear to you,
to capture voices and faces that fade with memory.

Well, when you put it like that?
Guilt wins over and we contact a videographer.
I can't stand the thought of a random cousin walking around with a camcorder taking some shaky video footage that makes you want to puke when watching it playback
(And that lacks cheesy playback music. I like the corny background songs)

We will be hiring a videographer.

Even if we only watch the video once a year,
Even if we subject our friends to the flim by luring them over with promises of beer and burgers,
Even if it becomes a superior paperweight,
We'll have it - which is more than you can say if you decide not to.

Anyone else have this similar debate?
What did you decide?


  1. Initially neither of us wanted a videographer, but like you, many people told us we would regret it. So we caved and decided that we were spending so much money to begin with, a videographer wouldn't break the bank. So we got one. Fired him a few days before the wedding. And found another one just in time. And while I was the biggest sceptic, it was most definitely worth it! I love watching the video! And all we got was raw footage since Mr. Milk can add all the cheesiness himself! I promise you will not regret it!

  2. We hired a videographer, had the film professionally edited, and have never watched it. Some things are best preserved in memory. But maybe one day twenty or thirty years from now, our daughter will want to see it? I know I'd be curious to see my parents' wedding, just to see video of my aunts and uncles when they were that young.

  3. We were not going to do video hence why we justified spending so much on a photographer. We did want to webcast it though and talked to some friends and had one who did go to school for it and everything but she lives in CA. So she couldn't bring all her equipment, so we'd be figuring out before hand.. and praying nothing went wrong at the location. When I called our DJ who does video as well and asked if they had ever heard of webcasting they said they ahd done it and had done it at our location. SCORE. however the woman said they would only do it if they were shooting the entire wedding. When she described in detail what they would do I was sold.

    Later on when I was booking it and talked to our dj who I love he asked if we were doing the video too in a if you want we can, not you must kind of way but we had already made our decision.

  4. Oh what a great debate. We do not want a videographer. Mostly because I don't want the expense, and two - I don't want a camera in my face. We are trying to figure out a way to video some of it, since the Boy's grandpa will not likely be able to attend. Neither of us are home moviers so I don't think we'd watch it. And hiring someone just so Grandpa can see it... I'm not conviced he'll watch it either.
    So for right now I'm firmly on the ANTI side, but I did go bridal showing this weekend, so who knows maybe I'll win one!

  5. A good friend of the family is an amateur film maker (which totally sounds like he does **ahem** adult films. Actually, I don't know if he does those, but I do know he makes movies that AREN'T of that ilk, so there). We hired him to film our wedding. The quality was great, and he added some cheesy music. We watched it once, right when we got it. We've been married almost three years now and haven't watched it again. In fact, I don't actually know where it is, LOL! But it'll be nice to have for the kids ... if they ever care :)

  6. My parents good friend is a videographer, and I grew up watching all the wedding videos that he made and I LOVED them. He has such a different style than I had ever seen in a wedding video. I was 100% convinced I'd have one. He ended up doing ours for free, which was amazing. I'm posting segments up on my blog... So basically I've watched it 47832904783920 times since I got it for Christmas. And I make all my friends watch it. Because it rules. Haha. So obviously I'm totally pro-videographer!

  7. We debated this too, but ende dup finding a videographer that wasn't that expensive. We watched the DVD (we got blu-ray disks too, but we don't have a blu-ray player yet...) once when we first got it, once when we went to visit family and could watch it with both of our parents and some cousins, and then yearly on our anniversary. Even when we were out of the country for our anniversary, my hubby had saved the 5 minute recap video on our computer so we could watch it from the hotel room in Japan on our actual anniversary. We are super happy we have it, especially now that it's been a few years and some family members are no longer with us. Made me cry last time we watched it, but so worth it.

  8. It'll be SUPER expensive to get one to do our day... So we probably won't... But I wish we could. It'll be fun to show the kiddos later on! Wish I could've seen my parents weddind day!

  9. We decided against the video for a couple reasons, mainly me wanting to be my usual crafty self.

    Our plan is to take the pictures from the professional at our wedding in Jamaica and create a slideshow DVD with those to play at our reception. Afterward, those same pictures along with the photobooth ones from our reception and our guests photos that they upload to our site will be put together for one giant DVD memory.

    It'll save us over $1000 and I can put some of my skills to use so it made the most sense for us. :)

  10. we ended up just having a friend video tape the wedding to save money. It worked out nicely. We watch it every year on our anniversary

  11. Videos of weddings always seem rally cheesy to me. I guess I lumped it in the same category as filming a just seemed like a bad idea.

    But after reading your reasons/the reasons other people gave you... I am reconsidering.

    Maybe I will have someone tape my wedding, maybe...

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