Friday, January 21, 2011

Details, details

To me, a wedding becomes truly fancy with a personalized match-box.

And to really top it off? You need personalized napkins.

I waited for The Knot to have their semi-annual favors sale and then pounced.
I'm excited to incorporate these two details into our big day!

Against teal tablecloths these will really pop!

What do you think?
Are you a fan of personalized items?


  1. Oh HELL yes! YAYYYY! I was just looking at those the other night and realized I need a monogram for me and V. You really nailed the peacock feather, woman. It's perfect for you and I'm jealous! :)

  2. Love them! Love personalized items. But my budget is BUSTED. And I just left my job so unless one pops up soon....

    Really love them the napkins! I personally didn't want matches because I don't want to condone smoking. Here take one of my gorgeous matches and shorten your life span.... LOL. Can you tell I'm going bridenutzoid!?

  3. Heck yes! Both of those are totally fabulous!

  4. SUPER cute! I've always liked personalized items. We didn't have very many at our wedding, however. We couldn't really justify the expense for something people would just end up throwing away.

    The matches and napkins look great!

  5. It's super cute---you're not overdoing it, which I like. It's classy.

    I love matchbox favors. We met on and we were going to do them for our guests and put "the perfect match" on the boxes. But then our venue caught on fire and burned down and I just don't feel right giving out matches at our wedding. Too ironic.

  6. Those look great together!! I love the feather icon!

  7. i adore the matches! i can think of you every time i light my yankee candles! :)

  8. Those are going to look amazing!!! I love the colors you chose!!! I really like personalized items. They're a great way to say this is OUR day. Well done friend! I likes!!

  9. Love the color combo! That's a really cool idea too! I don't think I've ever seen it done!

  10. Victoria, Just came over from SITS, saw your post and noticed the peacock theme. Thought you'd enjoy this bouquet…… the wedding planner is a client of mine. Have a wonderful wedding and a happy marriage!

  11. I think its so lovely to have personalized items on your wedding and those mapkins look totally beautiful with those match boxes:) I am so excited for you sweetie
    Happy Monday


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