Saturday, January 29, 2011


One year ago today Mike and I found ourselves in the midst of the panda exhibit at the National Zoo, snow falling gently on us.  He knew something I didn't... as did our friends surrounding us.

Flashback: The first time we ever visited the zoo, happened to be the day Thai Shan the panda was born!  We frequented the exhibit when at the zoo and waved, said our hellos. However all panda bears are on loan from China, even those born here in the states.  As Thai Shan's time in DC came to an end, Mike and I started down a new road.

And then he got down on one knee....
You can read the whole proposal story, AND the watch live video footage of Mike popping the question!
I do :)

I love you Mike!!! I can't wait to marry you!


  1. LOVE this story! So cute. Btw, have a blast in Jamaica! I'm so looking forward to it myself. :]

  2. that is stinkin awesome!!!! yay for proposals!! :) congrats!

  3. Right back at you gorgeous :)

  4. eeeek super sweet!!!! happy anniversary

  5. HOW FUN THAT YOU got it on video!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!! Happy Engagement-versary!!!

  6. Aw, that is way too sweet! Love it!

    Happy Engagement-versary! :D

  7. I'm not gunna lie, this made me tear up a bit. But also, this is super cool. Just sayin'...


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