Thursday, January 27, 2011


A storm brought icky sleet followed by snow, around the evening commute Wednesday night.  Stories of people abandoning their cars on highways followed by ohs and ahs of the elusive thundersnow clogged the interwebs.

And me? I wore my PJs inside-out and backwards, following the advice of my 7 and 8 year-old students.  Did you also know to flush ice down the toilet and spit as it goes down? Oh and put a spoon in a sock under your pillow, for good measure.
Or just open a bottle of wine and watch the flakes fall.
And frequently jump when your phone gives the tell tale signal of an email or text received, because you, like those darling children, also hope it contains the words "Snow" and "Day," consecutively of course.

By 11pm my wish came true!  My heart did a little dance, mostly because a day off is golden, but also since I knew 21 other little hearts similarly skipped a beat.  A Snow Day! A day to play! A day to finish working on report cards that are due soon.  A chance to email wedding vendors and figure out wedding invitation verbiage.
Another day to work, but not for the man.

In the early afternoon Mike and I ventured out with our dog, Nora.  Plows visited most of the side streets and most neighbors shoveled several sidewalks, but the world looked slushy and puddle-wonderful.  We dodged ice covered intersections and greeted the scarce sighting of neighbors warmly.

I snapped happily, excited for the chance to use City of Blackbird's Photoshop tutorial later. (her textures are shared, free!)

And so I bring you my favorite neighborhood spots, snow covered:

A good walk was had by all.

Stay Warm!


  1. Love the photos! So glad you enjoyed your snow day :D

  2. What beautiful pictures! I have no idea what a snow day is like being that I live in southeast Texas, but I am so glad you had one!

  3. Looks like a wonderful day off! Things like this make me miss working for someone else. Being self-employed from home doesn't really allow for snow days.

  4. Great pictures!!! Love that one with all the trikes!! What's that business all about?

  5. oooo i want snow!! we are supposed to get a huge "ice" storm in texas tomorrow. too bad no snow is accompanying it.. you can send some if you like :)


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