Friday, January 14, 2011

What's left to do?

Thanks to this here blog I have a pretty good framework of how much we planned for our upcoming wedding and what we still need to accomplish.

However I have quite the "to-do" list in my head.
And few people really understand this, because I'm often asked "What's left to do?" and then told "You've done it all!"

No. no. no!
There is still so much left to do!
How can anyone possibly think I can walk down the aisle tomorrow and everything will be roses and lace?!

So here.
Here's my psycho-bride to-do list:
(Volunteers accepted, but know that you're dealing with a bride...)
  • bridesmaids gifts to be decided upon and purchased
  • groomsmens gifts to be decided and purchased
  • parents gifts to decide on and purchase 
  • buy new perfume
  • buy earrings and bracelet (I bought a necklace!) 
  • create a preferred song list for the band
  • meet with the band at the venue, to determine spacing
  • meet with our planner to create a time-line
  • purchase wedding insurance (for the site)
  • create a photo-list (of specific shots we desire) for our photog
  • finish my dress fittings
  • research and reserve a make-up artist for myself
  • practice walking in my 4" heels (I'm crazy)
  • sign the florist contract
  • have a cake tasting, determine cake design
  • finalize hors d' oeuvres
  • decide on invitations and finalize verbage
  • ship invites to calligrapher
  • send out invites
  • finalize a rehearsal dinner location and menu
  • purchase a ketuba (Jewish wedding contract)
  • research and purchase kepote (yarmulkes)
  • create a wedding program (mom's got this one)
  • decide who will participate in our ceremony
  • write our vows
  • purchase Mike's wedding band
  • decide on honeymoon location and purchase plane tickets, reserve rooms 
  • prenuptial counseling
  • make a reception seating plan (after RSVP's come in)
  • visit tux store and get Mike measured
    • decide on vests for groom & groomsmen
  • welcome bags in their ENTIRETY
    • decide on bags (canvas? paper? handles? personalized?)
    • purchase the bags
    • buy things to put IN the bags
    • collect metro maps and DC maps to put in the bags
    • decorate the bags 

I think I've successfully gotten myself all worked up.
Now who's doing what for me?  And remember, you must run all decisions by me first.
::sheepish smile::

Do you make to-do lists? Do they help or drive you crazy?


  1. I got my ketubah from a seller on etsy and she was great! Here's the link:

    She has some very pretty ones and a lot of text options, and is less expensive than a lot of the other ones I found online. Hope this helps!

  2. OH wow. I'm astonished that you're so on top of this. I'm thinking I may need to push our wedding out a few more years. I'm shocked that you've done so much and have so much left. I can't believe all the things on this list that would never even have occurred to me to do.

    I would LOVE to help with anything possible, but I'm probably way too far away. :(

    I don't see anything about your hair on there though,... so does that mean you know what you're going to do with it? :)

  3. Aww I feel you girlie!!!! What about centerpieces and table decorations? I am lost in that area. :(

  4. I vote cruise for the honeymoon. That way it's all inclusive and you don't have to worry about anything except getting there with all of your stuff (no transportation, no itinerary, etc.). I am strongly "hinting" that I want a cruise as my graduation/birthday/anniversary present :D

    You are amazing, girl! Keep up the great work!

  5. Wow, that list made me tired! I love to-do lists. I will put things on my list just so that I can cross them off. I'm obsessive like that ;)

  6. I'll practice in your 4" heels for you. You're welcome.

  7. Pretty sure I have a very similar to do this floating around in my head and in probably about 10 random places in my home. I'm usually pretty organized and not super scatterbrained... but the wedding plans definitely changed that.

  8. I can certainly help with your bridesmaids gifts, we have TONS of great stuff!'-night and we are still adding more :)

  9. I love to-do lists!!! Mostly because of the satisfaction that comes with checking something off that list! :) You've got things under control! So carry on, and don't stress!!

  10. Damn it Veronica, I was going to practice the heels walking!

  11. ugh creating a song list was MY WORST NIGHTMARE!!!

    Now that I survived my own wedding I had to create another play list for my soon to be sister in law and yet another one for my cousin haha

    oh well as long as their happy then it is all worth it

    have a great weekend!


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