Thursday, January 13, 2011


Before Christmas, Macy's ran a kick-arse sale.  Not only were items discounted, but then my Macy's card earned me an additional 25% off.  That is how I shop!

I  noticed their designer ties were part of this lovely discount.
And in that selection I found some handsome, purple paisley ties.
My brain started turning as I thought about our groomsmen.

The ties were originally $69.
They were now 40% off.
Then I get my additional 25% off.
AND on top of that because I was a part of their Share program, I get 10% back during the holidays.

For more than half the price we purchased these ties, with pocket squares, for our groomsmen!

Let's just hope the color matches up to the bridesmaids dresses!

(They will also be receiving a personalized gift)
What do you think?


  1. Sharp!! Love the ties. Paisely can be hit or miss, these are certainly a BIG HIT!!!

  2. Lovely!!! I love the paisley!! And you can't beat an awesome sale!! Good work girl!!

  3. those are GREAT! good buy, girl :)


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