Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Dance Song?

Mike and I can't decide on a first dance song.  It's so simple, yet such a hard decision.
Part of the reason we struggle to agree and commit is because of the massive weight I put on this moment.
It's the song that will forever remind us of our wedding.  It marks such an important moment that the song must be perfect.

Mike wants something upbeat and I want something you can hear in a grocery store years from now and smile. Not to say that it has to be an elevator music song, just something timeless.

Lucky for us, we narrowed it down to ten songs.
I know what you're thinking:  Ten songs?!   For serious?
Yes. Really.

For sure we should be able to knock one or two off, right?
Nope, we love them all for different reasons.

It's funny to me that we still struggle to figure this one out, because this was the very first decision we started with, once first engaged.  I guess that just proves what a huge deal it is for us.

And no I won't tell you the ten songs, because this is the one element of the wedding that will be a surprise for all in attendance.

So, if you wouldn't mind sharing, what was (or will be) your first dance song?  And how did you choose it?


  1. I'm not a big dancer and neither is Nathan, so I'm pretty sure we'll put off this decision as long as we can. Which.. really isn't much longer.

  2. Well, unfortunately we didn't have our first dance at our wedding...we had a luncheon with no dance floor. But if we did have our dance, our song would have been "Feels Like Home" by Chantal Kreviazuk....I don't remember how we came to the decision just felt right :)

  3. Its always so hard to choose the perfect song. I love the "perfect day"

    Ps: I’m hosting an adorable shoes GIVEAWAY today! Just in time for spring!

  4. Oh the first song. Happily this is something I've had decided for years, and the Boy can't attend to a song for long enough to make a decision based on words. I'm going to have to send him lyrics to other songs we still have to decide on. But for the FIRST song, Dave Matthews Band, Steady as we Go. The reason? This album was released the summer my sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. And the words made me cry and think of the Boy, and how my road was rocky at the time and he was the one person I turned to to fall apart with. Sappy, I know. But true.
    I also LOVE Ben Folds, The Luckiest. Definitely going to have to incorporate that in there somewhere too
    Oh! I'm so curious what your TEN are - I could easily pick ten that I love too - have you thought about narrowing them down by using them other places in the ceremony or throughout the night?

  5. Ours was Hard to Concentrate, by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    Neither of us are the sappy, romantic type, so doing a "traditional" first dance song was out of the question. Tim's fave band is Pearl Jam, but they didn't have the perfect song. We both love the RHCP, so when their album Stadium Arcadium came out, we bought it right away. We were listening to the album together when Hard to Concentrate came on. It was PERFECT! Not too sappy, but perfectly captured our feelings for that day.

    In fact, one of the lyrics "Take this moment to make you my family" was the "theme" for our wedding. It was printed on our programs for the ceremony.

    Also, our wedding party dance was "Finally Forever" by Chris Cornell. He wrote it to perform it at his own wedding reception :)

    Also, we like 90s alt rock, can you tell? :)

  6. Pretty sure we had a mashup of about 5 or 6 different songs. Our first dance wasn't exactly traditional, however. ;) We started it out with "Luckiest" by Ben Folds though.

  7. When we started dating I was in love with Colbie Callet and our song was Falling in Love but we didn't feel it was wedding appropriate. So one day when doing an odd job I had my ipod rocking and heard "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colby Callet. I was sold but Matthew was totally afraid of how to dance to it. I know some pro dance teachers and since our favorite show was So You Think You Can Dance I started planning. But then one night in a movie we heard 1,2,3,4 by Plain White Ts and loved it. We found it on you tube and danced. I was torn cause I thought learning to dance would be fun(but more pressure). When my Dad and step mom came to visit they heard the song on a movie and thought it was so cute. We told them it was a contender and so we played both songs. During Lucky we felt awkward. During 1234 we were silly and laughing and we knew it was that one :)

  8. ours was come away with me by Norah Jones... love love love that song. We had a family friend sing it and it was beautiful!!!

    Our other choice was Michael Buble Everything!

  9. I can see where this would be a hard one... We are yet to choose our song as well. It's hard to decide if you wanna go the romantic route, or the fun route... cause both would be really nice...

  10. Our song was my husbands "Happy Song" as we called it. He used to play it randomly and it would put us both in good moods, but we weren't sure how to dance to it. We took dancing lessons though and it all worked out. :)

  11. Okay, so first of all - I'm sorry it took me so long to get to this. Secondly - I'm glad we're not the only ones. And third - I've seen a list of "Top 10 First Dance Songs that Need to Be Retired" and it pretty much had everything I thought of on it, so I'm stumped.

    I've never thought of "a song I want to come on in a public place that will make me smile" as a motivating factor. But we never had like "our song" or some song that makes us think of one another. But - after reading all these comments I'm thinking we'll have to take the ballroom dancing classes Vince has been REALLY wanting to take (He's gay, I mean, romantic like that?)

    My nightmare/hilarious fantasy is that we'll dance to some techno song, kinda like StrongBad describes in this:


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