Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shaping up with Liz DiAlto

After four sessions with Liz DiAlto I can already see a difference in my physique, balance, and strength!  When we first started I knew little of the right approach to working out.  Now I am much more comfortable and confident with Rest-Based workouts and my appearance!

I find that having a trainer is clutch, for me.  I'm not one to pop in an instructional DVD and follow along. I lack the self discipline (in this area) to create a regular workout routine.  Those DVD's? In my house they make awesome coasters or dust collectors. Liz is great for keeping you motivated and engaged while working out!  She holds you accountable for your workout (no fair not squatting low enough or lunging far enough!).  She also keeps it fun and gives you someone to talk with while getting in shape!

If you are one to find comfort working out in the privacy of your own home, or actually make time and stick to that routine without the gym --then I don't understand you, but want to be you.  However Liz has something perfect for you! Head over to her site, you can look into her Virtual Training!
Also while there you can get workouts, healthy recipes and more when they sign up for her weekly newsletter.  Just go here.

Working with Liz was a great experience, and my body (and me) thank her!!

Disclosure: Liz DiAlto provided me with 4 half-hour "Rest Based" workout sessions, in exchange for two posts.  It should also be noted that on my own time I also maintain a yoga exercise program, meanwhile working alongside another trainer in a circuit-based strength program.


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