Friday, March 4, 2011

Final Catering Tasting!

It's hard to believe we're only 3.5 months out.  My personal trainer asked me how many weeks that was, and I shocked myself with the number 14.  She asked if I knew how many days that was - and I respectfully declined to do the math.

Regardless, we must taste the food we want to put in front of everyone! Our hors d'oeuvres, vegetarian entree, and cake were chosen!

After 4 catering tastings with separate companies, we decided on Windows. But after tasting so many hors d'oeuvres once we decided on Windows we wanted to go back and revamp a few details.

First up: tasting the Vanilla Salmon & the Salmon and Coconut Skewer (in order of appearance):

I  know they look oh so similar, but trust me, the flavor difference is there.  We chose the Salmon and Coconut Skewer because of the flavor brilliance.  The coconut jelly on the bottom is made from gelatin and coconut milk.  The Sirasha sauce on top is amazing. Together with the salmon = flavor brilliance. yeeeum!

We settled on our vegetarian entree choice:  Giant Spring Roll.  
And yes, it's exactly what it sounds like: a huge, vegetarian egg roll. 
Or as they put it "wok fired Napa cabbage, tofu, firecracker peppers and snow pea shoots with a chili-lime vinaigrette."
In short. amazing yumminess:
nom nom nom.

And the cake! YES! The cake!

Chocolate Raspberry:  Chocolate cake with Old-Fashioned Dark Chocolate Mouse and Fresh Raspberries with Chocolate Buttercream. (yes, please)

Vanilla Blackberry: Almond Sponge Cake filled with Vanilla Cream and Fresh Blackberries with Light Amaretto Whipped Cream.
(no need to ask twice)

Strawberry and Lime Shortcake:  Lime-flavored sponge cake, Strawberry Syrup, Vanilla Mousseline and Fresh Strawberries with Vanilla Buttercream
(HELLOsummerwedding yes!)

Carrot Spiced Cake: classic Carrot Cake filled and frosted with Cream Cheese Frosting
(can't go wrong)

Deliciously amazing & fantastically scrumptious.
Then we took two of the rounds home and my wedding dress diet was blown to pieces, as was the cake.

So we're ordering them all.  Seriously.
The bottom tier of the cake will have the Strawberry-Lime, followed by the Vanilla Blackberry, topped with the chocolate (my all time favorite cake evah).  And the Carrot Cake? Mike gets a special groom's cake, since he loves it and I do not share the same sentiment. perfection.

Oh that?
Our point of contact at Windows set that aside for us to see.  She knows our colors and decoration scheme and shared it with us, leftover from their holiday party! I love me some good customer service (and cake)!

Happy Weekend! Giveaway winners will be posted tomorrow!


  1. The picks on those appetizers are so cute!!

    I totally need to go to some cake testings.

  2. I am in a food coma.... oh my goodness, everything is DIVINE!

  3. OH cake!!! Girl, you've got me craving some yummy cake right now!!! :) Your layers sound delicious!!!

  4. Mmm why must you talk cake, you're making me SO hungry! Sounds delicious!

  5. That 'giant eggroll' looks so good. I bet you will have a lot of non-veggies ordering it!


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